If you’ve ever spent time with a three year old, you know that they can flip faster than Evel Knievel. Hugs turn to slugs, “I love you” ‘s to “You make me mad“, kisses to bites… you get the idea. 
When Hooper was 2, I feared 3. I have heard from many moms that two is overrated in being described as “terrible”; that three, instead, is where the real fun begins. And I agree, to some extent.
Some of my favorites ::cough cough:: ::nudge nudge::
Occasionally he’ll get upset if I stick a spoon full of food in front of his mouth because he’s “not a baby” and can “do it myselph”; though what he really means is I can do it by myself but by the time I finish it may be time for the next meal, or perhaps, I may have already died from old age.  
“I’m da boss man” or, better yet, “I’m da po-eece (police) man”. He uses these phrases when he decides reprimanding Van would be better coming from him than me. At times I truly believe he thinks he’s the one in charge of both his brother and me.
The fact he will not let me help him out of his car seat so I have to wait what feels like a thousand years for him to get out of the car (seriously, it involves him looking in his cup holder to assess what “treasures” he’s leaving behind, then holding on to his “fireman” handle, then asking repetitive questions about something totally unrelated to the matter-at-hand, followed by bossing me around and telling me to take the hand off the door as if my hand on the door is assisting him in some way and preventing him from doing it all by himself). My back thanks him for his independence, my patience wants to push him out the door and blame it on his brother.
And then there’s the other stuff that prevents me from pulling my hair out from the aforementioned…
Like when I tuck him into bed and hold his head in my hands, caressing his face. He stops my hand when I get to his cheek, caresses my hand and strokes his fingers along my forearm and tells me he loves me. And when I say “I love you too”, he tells me he loves me more.
Or when I sneeze and every time, without fail, he tells me, “bwess (bless) you, Mama”.
Or when I yell at him for something he shouldn’t have done and for the next hour he follows behind me repetitively asking, “you mad, Mama?” with such genuine and sincere concern that he has upset me in some way.
Or when I get mad at Van for doing something wrong and he comes and apologies, on his brother’s behalf.
Or the way he compliments me when he likes my dress or necklace, or the fact alone that he even takes notice.
Oh three… you have your ups and your downs.

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4 Responses

  • I love this post! To the outsider, your frustrating times with him are simply hysterical. He cracks me up. And he really is such a sweetheart (most of the time). Such a character! I can’t believe he’s halfway to 4! Such a blast seeing his personality grow. Love you!

  • I couldn’t help, but sigh when reading your post… a sigh because I have a two year old, so I can relate to the frustrations, but also a sigh because those sweet moments (especially at bedtime) are just so sweet and have a way of erasing all of the hair-pulling moments that may have happened during the day.

  • oh this is absolutely adorable. every age has its ups and downs of course, i’m learning to embrace each stage. i also fear though that at 14 months stamping feet and screaming at not getting what he wants is only the beginning of the dreaded terrible two’s.

  • Wow! I feel like you were describing my now 4 year old, then I realized hey… It’s carried onto being 4!! Does it get any better?! I swear I’m late to everything just because he’s throwing a fit because he either wants to buckle his own seat belt (which he can’t, now that he’s in a booster) or he’s not ready to unbuckle it yet and has to find his toys AND shoes before getting out. I don’t remember my oldest soon any of that. Nico is a bit OCD…
    They definitely have the best hugs and kisse though!! :/


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