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*This post contains nudity*
…All of us women are affected somehow by the much-talked-about societal pressure to look a certain way. In search of some elusive feeling of beauty, some of us get hair extensions, some of us get fake boobs, some of us buy $700 high heels, and some of us get tummy tucks. I can’t judge any woman for what she thinks will make her feel better, but I think we should all ask ourselves why we aren’t just fine the way we are…
I’m over on The Ma Books talking about body perception in conjunction with The Nu Project. You can check out my post by clicking here. Have you guys been following The Ma Books? What do you think? I’m really enjoying it.

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  • I like how it says “this post contains nudity.” I was too focused on the nipples to see that little disclaimer. Ha. Americans are too body conscious. End of story.


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