A Disclaimer

Souther California Photographer-9066Sometimes I feel things go without saying, but other times I feel like things need to be stated. For the sake of clarity.
I write this blog for myself. In no way is anything presented here intended to be delivered in the form of advice. Nor am I intending to participate in the my-way-of-parenting-is-better-than-your-way-of-parenting nonsense.
Rather, I share what’s important to me and what resonates with me; Ah-ha moments of motherhood, if you will. The process of evolution and change has always meant something to me, on a deeper level, and I enjoy documenting here so I can remain humble about my journey.
If you happen to read a post where it sounds like I’m speaking to you, please be reminded that I’m only speaking to myself. I don’t write or share with any sort of audience in mind.
On the flip side, if you find yourself coming back here because something I’ve shared has resonated with you, then that’s just the icing on the cake; because we all like to know we’re not alone.
Okay, I feel better now.

9 Responses

  • Well said. I am thoroughly enjoying your journey and am so thankful to you for sharing it. Keep on keeping on!

  • Right on. If you don’t like what I have to say, you can move along and read something else, right?!. It’s a free world/internet.

    Guess I’m just one of the lucky ones that gets to have icing on her cake:) Thanks.

  • Would love to know what prompted this, mainly because I’m nosy like that. LOL. You resonate with me and I love knowing I’m not alone. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

    • Oh it wasn’t much of anything, really… the person who prompted it was neither rude nor mean, merely adding to the discussion but I read it as an insinuation that what I share in regards to parenting is the end all be all… What I share is not necessarily a better way, just the way that works – and more importantly, makes sense – to me. That’s all.

  • hey, so i, for one, am really glad that you post your thoughts on parenting. i don’t always agree (but i often do. especially about your thoughts re. a more “free range” approach to raising kids), but i always appreciate your point of view. i’m sometimes a bit worried that we’re all too careful about not causing offence, that we avoid revealing our true selves, you know? but at the end of the day, the choices you make about your parenting have NOTHING to do with me. anyway, i enjoy reading about other ways of looking at things.

    • Gimme thirty days and sometimes I don’t agree with myself either… but I guess that’s not the point, ya know? It’s an evolution, always. I’d be weird if we always agreed with one another… And I hate to play it safe… I’d rather say what I have to say and piss someone off then not say something at all. I, too, enjoy reading about other ways of looking at things… Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you for the icing on the cake. I love your stories and do come back often. I find myself smiling a lot when reading your posts, because I can relate (and also love the humor). Keep doing your thing girl. You matter to a lot of peeps. 🙂


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