A Video

It’s always my intention to shoot more video but frustrating when I can’t make the time to go through all the footage, edit the clips, and compile them together. It’s rather time consuming, in a good way, but nonetheless in a way I simply don’t have these days. So I worked on this on my birthday; a day declared as my own and it was actually nice to revisit our trip to Maui sometime later and to relive it all in a new way. I had intended to use the original version of this song but after much delay and lack of motivation, I’ve left it as is. Sometimes things are close enough. Ha.

I’m off to Seattle today, trying to check all the last things off the to-do list so I can sit and relax on a plane – by myself – and enjoy some quality time with Janet (and shoot a few family sessions, too). Hope you all have a good rest of your week.

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