Childhood Unplugged

San Clemente Family Photographer-4581 San Clemente Family Photographer-4587 San Clemente Family Photographer-4594 San Clemente Family Photographer-4604 San Clemente Family Photographer-4608 San Clemente Family Photographer-4610 San Clemente Family Photographer-4614 San Clemente Family Photographer-4616 San Clemente Family Photographer-4627 San Clemente Family Photographer-4636 San Clemente Family Photographer-4644 San Clemente Family Photographer-4652 San Clemente Family Photographer-4657 I swear it’s impossible to get the boys into the car these days without some conglomeration of what they refer to as their ‘bad-guy-stuff’, which really is an assortment of shields and swords and various accessories that seem to rotate in and out. So the other day we packed up the ‘bad guy stuff’ and headed for our favorite wilderness park in search of bad guys, obviously. What we found instead were some wild mushrooms, lots of puddles, and even some turkey vultures.

It was quiet, the dew on the leaves a lingering reminder of the rain that fell on our drive out. We climbed some trees, followed a dirt path to a patch filled with wild cacti, and ended the morning at the playground (which is within the wilderness park as well and is most always empty).

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