A Family Session, with The Capeners

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Please excuse me while I use this time to get caught up on sharing a heap of sessions… photos from Cuba coming your way as well…

At the end of this session I said “the images may not be perfect, but they’ll definitely be honest”. I felt like the kind of real estate agent that refers to a home that’s much too small and needs some work as having “character”. And yet, when I went through and edited what I captured, I feel nothing of the chaos that comes with two young boys; it’s a chaos I know well. And in the end, I’m quite happy with how these turned out. A pleasant surprise when given the fact none of my regular “tricks” (or who am I kidding, errr, manipulation) seemed to work. In any event, the take home message is that they’re not perfect, I mean check out that last picture of all of them with little Theo basically pulling his eye out. But I’ll be damned if they’re not honest. And that’s what I strive for anyway.

Elise, Drew, Fin, & Theo, captured in their home in Dana Point, California.

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5 Responses

  • these are lovely and perfect! everyday life captured perfectly. i love your honesty and beauty in all the pictures that you take. SO TALENTED!

  • Hello… I recently stumbled upon your insta account (I’m liking all your stuff. My insta name is lilyscout) and that led me to your blog, and now…. it’s my new favorite! I mean FAVORITE!!! These photographs are amazing! If you are ever in CT you must let me know!

    And congrats to you and yours on the birth of your new baby 🙂

  • That image of all of them on the bed with the book – if that’s all you gave them, that would have so been worth it.


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