Portrait Series, 2016 | March

San Clemente Family Photographer-4011 San Clemente Family Photographer-4035A portrait of my family once a month in 2016

Willy: expressed a desire to have his hair grow faster and asked if men can take prenatal vitamins.

Hooper: Reached full blown kid status after naturally ripping holes in two pairs of his jeans within the same week.

Van: Has been so strong willed as of late he has be wondering if the Leo within has surfaced or if the middle child phenomenon really is a thing.

Sonny: Consistently thinks my nipple is on my arm no matter how many times I direct his rooting mouth back to the center of my body.

Me: Combating some serious feelings of baby fever already… Wondering if I’ll ever be content calling it quits on this baby making gig.

Jimmie: Lost some degree of interest in Sonny just as soon as his smelly umbilical stump fell off.

7 Responses

  • Five in one photo!! Whooo! – He should totally take prenatal vitamins! ๐Ÿ™‚ – The middle child gets equal love, but typically, somehow not the same attention (this coming from a well loved middle child). He may need regular one on one time with one of you (easier said than done, I’m sure.). – Holes in pants. With those words, I can tell he has a wonderful childhood. – Maybe put Sonnie between your nipples and he’ll always get it on the first try? – and finally, after 3, what’s one more? or two?? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yeah, so for some reason my mom got super pissed at me when I was a senior in high school and my best friend (at the time) and I had the genius idea of buying prenatals to assist the growth of our hair, nails and glowing skin. She did NOT think it was a good idea. And I’ve got major baby fever for a 3rd….not sure if it will ever subside. Ya’ll look great!

  • Totally unrelated but still somewhat relevant – how did you set up sonny’s room since you didn’t find out gender? I also completely understand if this still hasn’t been done because he’s a third child and you know better hahaha! We are team green with this one and I’m conflicted as to how much nursery stuff I should but prior to birth. I can always decorate once baby is born. We all know it doesn’t matter for the first few months. Right?!

    • Hahaha set up what room? You’d laugh if you saw his “space”… his crib is filled with various junk, mostly rugs and mud cloths. Our plan is to eventually put him in the room with his brothers so anything prior to that is so temporary that it’s almost not worth setting up. I’m not much of a theme person, so there’s no distinct color scheme or theme to his room or intentions for there to be one… his room doubles as a guest room so it’s a shared space / purpose. I imagine I could share a snippet of it when it’s properly arranged. But ya, doesn’t matter for quite a while and even after quite a while, it doesn’t matter. Ha. Even Hooper and Van are only ever in their room when they’re sleeping…


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