Childhood Unplugged

San Clemente Family Photographer-6067 San Clemente Family Photographer-6074 San Clemente Family Photographer-6085 San Clemente Family Photographer-6094 San Clemente Family Photographer-6087 San Clemente Family Photographer-6076 San Clemente Family Photographer-6095 San Clemente Family Photographer-6102 San Clemente Family Photographer-6096 San Clemente Family Photographer-6114 San Clemente Family Photographer-6125 San Clemente Family Photographer-6131 San Clemente Family Photographer-6151 San Clemente Family Photographer-6155 San Clemente Family Photographer-6141 San Clemente Family Photographer-6167 San Clemente Family Photographer-6186 San Clemente Family Photographer-6197 San Clemente Family Photographer-6216 San Clemente Family Photographer-6223These monthly posts really highlight how fast time is flying these days. Seems not-worth-stating since the speed of time is a given; all of us scratching our heads in disbelief. Where did summer even go? Last summer we bbq’d at our favorite spot on what-seemed-like a weekly basis. This summer? We made it out twice.

We’re heading out to Arizona for the weekend and the realization that I only recently got around to posting about our last trip to AZ and have yet to post about our more recent trip outside of Sequoia has me up in arms. If time were a tangible thing, I’d be looking for it under the sofa cushions because it’s surely hiding somewhere around here.

In any event, I hope everyone has a lovely holiday weekend; complete with the slow passing of time, children who behave, and weather that reminds us that despite the beginning of the school year it is still, indeed, summer.

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4 Responses

  • bruised shins, wooden guns and cowboy boots are definitely the signs of a boys magical childhood. This is great. Glad you got to BBQ again in your favorite spot. Pat yourself on the back momma for getting out of the house to do something adventurous at all with those three boys! xo

  • your photographs have a magical quality to them. so beautiful … capturing sacred moments in what will surely be remembered by your boys as a dream-like childhood. having two boys of my own, i know that in reality-land these moments are punctuated by fights, whining, tears, yelling, and frustration … .. but the photographs depict something all together enchanted. i really enjoy watching your children grow up through your lens.


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