A Family Session, with The Carlsons

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I used to think that in the photography business, referrals were where it was at. Then I got a few a few referrals and changed my mind completely. It’s a totally different experience shooting someone that is familiar with your work versus someone who only hired you because their friend said you were good.

Tish has been a long-time supporter of my work and I think this shoot goes to show the value in that. She gave me just what I always yearn to receive and she did so effortlessly. It was such an easy and carefree session filled to the brim with love.

The Carlson Family, Arizona

You can see Tish’s work by clicking here

4 Responses

  • your work is my absolute favorite. I find myself getting lost in the dramatic shadows, inviting light, and the vibrant greens and browns and other colors and emotion captured, that look to be so effortless and real. I can tell you I’ve lost many productive hours at the office happily drifting through your blog and ig and wouldn’t take back a moment of it, although my boss might feel differently 😉 “its easier to ask for forgiveness then to beg for permission” thanks for sharing your work!


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