A Mother + Child session, with Rebecca & Hunter

san-clemente-family-photographer-_-rebecca-hunter-4 san-clemente-family-photographer-_-rebecca-hunter-17 san-clemente-family-photographer-_-rebecca-hunter-28 san-clemente-family-photographer-_-rebecca-hunter-36 san-clemente-family-photographer-_-rebecca-hunter-44 san-clemente-family-photographer-_-rebecca-hunter-46 san-clemente-family-photographer-_-rebecca-hunter-51 san-clemente-family-photographer-_-rebecca-hunter-62 san-clemente-family-photographer-_-rebecca-hunter-67 san-clemente-family-photographer-_-rebecca-hunter-73 san-clemente-family-photographer-_-rebecca-hunter-90 san-clemente-family-photographer-_-rebecca-hunter-95 san-clemente-family-photographer-_-rebecca-hunter-109 san-clemente-family-photographer-_-rebecca-hunter-113 san-clemente-family-photographer-_-rebecca-hunter-134 san-clemente-family-photographer-_-rebecca-hunter-139 san-clemente-family-photographer-_-rebecca-hunter-143 san-clemente-family-photographer-_-rebecca-hunter-145 san-clemente-family-photographer-_-rebecca-hunter-147Rebecca contacted me in the fall of last year, hoping to surprise her husband with some images of her and their new son, Hunter. I met her at their home in Brentwood and was immediately taken back by how young and beautiful she was. I mean she’s stunning, right? We talked a lot about being a first time mom; the curve for her being a bit higher given that much of her family is overseas. And the difficulties of nursing and pumping and all the stuff you don’t really think about before you’re confronted with it as your reality. In any event, it’s always a pleasure to capture moments like these.

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