Childhood Unplugged

San Clemente Family Photographer-0072 San Clemente Family Photographer-0076 San Clemente Family Photographer-0105 San Clemente Family Photographer-0083 San Clemente Family Photographer-0078 San Clemente Family Photographer-0085 San Clemente Family Photographer-0087 San Clemente Family Photographer-0096 San Clemente Family Photographer-0095 San Clemente Family Photographer-0100 San Clemente Family Photographer-0104 San Clemente Family Photographer-0086 San Clemente Family Photographer-0124 San Clemente Family Photographer-0139It feels as though we’ve been in the throws of remodeling / reorganizing ever since we moved in, nearly a year and a half ago; partly because we have (we gutted most of the interior the day we got the keys) and partly because our home has been taken over by our business (which really is another story entirely). We’ve started work on the outside now, beginning with the front with plans, when we can save more money, to do the back. With the backyard being part of the tentative plan (and by plan I mean hope) we’ve really let it go. I got both of the older boys pissing into the plastic pool the other day and I was tempted to not even scold them. Hoping to have it all done so we can enjoy summer in the yard we envision but in the meantime I’m enjoying watching them make it theirs… even if that means destroying everything until then.

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