A Family Session, with The Records

San Clemente Family Photographer-50

San Clemente Family Photographer-2 San Clemente Family Photographer-6 San Clemente Family Photographer-10 San Clemente Family Photographer-11 San Clemente Family Photographer-14 San Clemente Family Photographer-30 San Clemente Family Photographer-17 San Clemente Family Photographer-36 San Clemente Family Photographer-38 San Clemente Family Photographer-20 San Clemente Family Photographer-24 San Clemente Family Photographer-22 San Clemente Family Photographer-60 San Clemente Family Photographer-67 San Clemente Family Photographer-63 San Clemente Family Photographer-69 San Clemente Family Photographer-70 San Clemente Family Photographer-71 San Clemente Family Photographer-74 San Clemente Family Photographer-77 San Clemente Family Photographer-112 San Clemente Family Photographer-91 San Clemente Family Photographer-81 San Clemente Family Photographer-82 San Clemente Family Photographer-104 San Clemente Family Photographer-106 San Clemente Family Photographer-122 San Clemente Family Photographer-125 San Clemente Family Photographer-129 San Clemente Family Photographer-139 San Clemente Family Photographer-8

I photographed the Record family last year, when they lived literally just down the street from me. This go-around I had to make the still-short 10 minute drive to your new home and meet their newest addition, June. Sara delivered June with the same OB as me which, at-the-time (being pre-Sonny), offered me all sorts of reassurance following her smooth delivery. And seeing that sweet little girl sent me home with all sorts of anticipation that, sure, I had all along but made it all a little more real.

I also got to hang with Hazel, who is closer to a ball full of energy than a fairy princess; my kinda girl is what I’m saying. She’s got spunk like you wouldn’t believe and is fulfilling the role of big sister like one bad mamma jamma.

I’m always impressed with the growing number of animal friends within this household; last year I met their horse, this year we played with their bunny and Henry, the poodle, with the poor bearded dragon being left out, somehow, of any photos.

In any event, this family of four is one of my favorites; easy to photograph and having ended the session with a cookie and a glass of milk, they definitely solidified their place on my list of favorites. So much love to the Records and many congrats on their new little girl.

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Mother’s Day Sessions

mothersday-2bI’ll be taking on a very limited number of sessions for Mother’s Day this year. If you’re interested, here’s the details:

One hour of shooting either in-home (preferred) or on location

All high resolution edited images with print release, approximately 75-125 images

Travel up to 30 miles included

Price: $600

Email me with questions or to move forward with booking: ashleyjennett @ gmail.com

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The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography, for Lil Bellies

The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-133

The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-21 The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-29 The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-39 The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-54 The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-62 The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-77 The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-82 The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-110 The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-115 The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-137 The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-157 The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-172 The Stork & The Beanstalk _ Lil Bellies 3 The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-180 The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-195 The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-212 The Stork & The Beanstalk _ Lil Bellies1 The Stork & The Beanstalk _ Lil Bellies 2 The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-232 The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-244 The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-263 The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-270 The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-274 The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-282 The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-288 The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-292 The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-301 The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-306 The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-318The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-323 The Stork & The Beanstalk Photography _ Lil Bellies-320

Claudia, owner of Lil’ Bellies, contacted me just prior to my due date about doing a shoot featuring a few of her products but mostly capturing the essence of her company, the magic of childhood. We discussed different storylines but mostly let Kai and Ellie do there thing; they are friends from school and their relationship is so natural and loving. They were a pleasure to shoot and I’m so happy with how the images turned out.

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A Family Session, with The Capeners

San Clemente Family Photographer-62

San Clemente Family Photographer-1 San Clemente Family Photographer-8 San Clemente Family Photographer-9 San Clemente Family Photographer-15 San Clemente Family Photographer-18 San Clemente Family Photographer-21 San Clemente Family Photographer-24 San Clemente Family Photographer-33 San Clemente Family Photographer-37 San Clemente Family Photographer-39 San Clemente Family Photographer-45 San Clemente Family Photographer-48 San Clemente Family Photographer-51 San Clemente Family Photographer-53 San Clemente Family Photographer-58 San Clemente Family Photographer-74 San Clemente Family Photographer-81 San Clemente Family Photographer-88 San Clemente Family Photographer-91 San Clemente Family Photographer-100 San Clemente Family Photographer-110 San Clemente Family Photographer-113 San Clemente Family Photographer-118

Please excuse me while I use this time to get caught up on sharing a heap of sessions… photos from Cuba coming your way as well…

At the end of this session I said “the images may not be perfect, but they’ll definitely be honest”. I felt like the kind of real estate agent that refers to a home that’s much too small and needs some work as having “character”. And yet, when I went through and edited what I captured, I feel nothing of the chaos that comes with two young boys; it’s a chaos I know well. And in the end, I’m quite happy with how these turned out. A pleasant surprise when given the fact none of my regular “tricks” (or who am I kidding, errr, manipulation) seemed to work. In any event, the take home message is that they’re not perfect, I mean check out that last picture of all of them with little Theo basically pulling his eye out. But I’ll be damned if they’re not honest. And that’s what I strive for anyway.

Elise, Drew, Fin, & Theo, captured in their home in Dana Point, California.

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A Family Session, with The Pughs

San Clemente Family Photographer-124

San Clemente Family Photographer-3 San Clemente Family Photographer-11 San Clemente Family Photographer-22Untitled-14 San Clemente Family Photographer-31 San Clemente Family Photographer-2 San Clemente Family Photographer-46 San Clemente Family Photographer-51Untitled-15 San Clemente Family Photographer-9 San Clemente Family Photographer-66 San Clemente Family Photographer-75 San Clemente Family Photographer-82 San Clemente Family Photographer-84 San-Clemente-Family-Photographer-86 San Clemente Family Photographer-104 San Clemente Family Photographer-114 San Clemente Family Photographer-126 San Clemente Family Photographer-131 San Clemente Family Photographer-141 San Clemente Family Photographer-151 San Clemente Family Photographer-157 San Clemente Family Photographer-162 San Clemente Family Photographer-180 San Clemente Family Photographer-185 San Clemente Family Photographer-188 San Clemente Family Photographer-193 San Clemente Family Photographer-201 San Clemente Family Photographer-205 San Clemente Family Photographer-206 San Clemente Family Photographer-209 San Clemente Family Photographer-224 San Clemente Family Photographer-232 San Clemente Family Photographer-238 San Clemente Family Photographer-240 San Clemente Family Photographer-244 San Clemente Family Photographer-245 San Clemente Family Photographer-249 San Clemente Family Photographer-252

I met the Pugh family through another family I had photographed. You would think referrals would be a photographer’s bread and butter but to be honest, I get a bit nervous when someone hires me simply because I shot someone they know. I always prefer for my clients to have some knowledge of my work and style, if for nothing else than to have some idea as to what to expect.

The Pugh family instantly erased whatever fears I had and, as luck would have it, were a perfect fit. I met them at their home in Aliso Viejo and captured some family portraits as well as some lifestyle candids before heading out to the Newport Beach Civic Center.

I absolutely loved capturing the sister relationship and having two beautiful girls was a nice change from my everyday wrangling of boys. A beautiful family, indeed, that made every second of the shoot enjoyable and fun.

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A Wedding, Wesley & Meghan

San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1055

San Clemente Wedding Photographer-51 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-13 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-54 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-63 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-64 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-71 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-8 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-102 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-106 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-115 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-119 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-121 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-122 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-124 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-126 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-130 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-135 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-145 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-147 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-159 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-162 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-167 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-174 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-175 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-176 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-181 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-183 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-188 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-194 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-198 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-199 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-207 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-210 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-213 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-223 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-228 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-231 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-236 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-242 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-249 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-250 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-256 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-259 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-264 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-270 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-276 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-277 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-287 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-288 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-291 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-292 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-293 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-294 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-303 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-311 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-328 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-352 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-358 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-360 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-364 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-372 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-381 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-382 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-393 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-395 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-409 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-415 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-422 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-451 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-458 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-471 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-481 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-489 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-502 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-517 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-532 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-569 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-585 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-606 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-608 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-609 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-615 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-634 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-647 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-672 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-682 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-687 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-695 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-701 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-706 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-710 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-717 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-728 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-729 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-732 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-744 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-866 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-869 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-875 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-889 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-908 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-910 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-911 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-913 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-915 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-920 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-936 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-937 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-941 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-951 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-966 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-973 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-980 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-986 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-998 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1008 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1039 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1072 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1078 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1084 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1138 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1173 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1182 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1190 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1199 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1223 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1236 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1246 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1247 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1248 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1259 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1264 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1274 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1306 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1307 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1313 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1332 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1348 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1353 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1359 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1371 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1383 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1388 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1398 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1401 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1408 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1414 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1421 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-1437

Wedding photography is always a gamble in some respect… While the people always make up the biggest percentage of the finished product, there are surely other things that play significant roles; like lighting, for example, and the hopeful individuals that chose a backyard ceremony in the middle of a hot summer day with no shade… I don’t care who the photographer is, if you’re working with crap ingredients, you can only do so much.

I photographed Meghan and Wesley’s wedding in Guerneville, California, and it was as if the stars aligned. It started with them; her, a bit anxious, by her own accounts, but with the perfect balance of humility and good cheer to make even the ugliest of hearts bat their eyes in her direction and him, easy-going, unfiltered, warm, and inviting. Their family and friends were larger representations of themselves, all two hundred plus of them, and by the end of the evening, I just wanted to do whatever was in my power to be a part of their glittertown, p-town, wolf pack.

The day started with heavy cloud coverage and the whisper of rain, which worked out perfectly as we headed into the Redwoods for a few portraits. No patches of harsh light, just pure, even, flattering light that would surely make 1pm in Southern California a bit jealous. The sun began to peak through just as the ceremony started, with the ceremony being nestled in a perfectly shaded alcove adjacent to the Russian River and wrapped in trees and ivy. The whole day was one for the books, especially when the car we drove to the Redwoods in broke down and we had to ride back through town in the back of a pickup truck.

In any event, the entire day was built around trust and love and friendship. Everything from the bouquet and flower crown which were made the morning of the wedding by a friend to her hair and make-up also done by friends to the set-up and clean-up of the actual venue by both friends and family to the officiant who was the bride’s best friend to the band who was also a friend just made sense and highlighted the fact that everything was created and put together with love.

The wedding was a weekend event, with games and gatherings the day prior to the wedding and camping throughout the weekend; which really added to the already established sense of community and love. It was one of those weddings where everything felt real and authentic and important and you couldn’t help but get swept away in it all.

Toward the end of the night I was actually capturing video on my phone and bragging to Willy about how good of a time I was having. It hardly felt like work.

Many thanks to Meghan & Wesley for having me.

Interested in hiring me for a wedding or event? I won’t be taking on too many this year with the new baby on the way, but surly shoot me an email, guarantee me a good time, and you just may have yourself a photographer.


Visual Supplement: Parker Fitzgerald


“We do not want merely to see beauty, we want something else which can hardly be put into words —
to be united with the beauty we see, to pass into it, to become part of it.”

Photographer Parker Fitzgerald & Florist Riley Messina  |  Overgrowth

A beautiful new addition to my bookshelf collection. 

Childhood Unplugged

San Clemente Family Photographer-7136

San Clemente Family Photographer-7132 San Clemente Family Photographer-7139 San Clemente Family Photographer-7141 San Clemente Family Photographer-7152 San Clemente Family Photographer-7171 San Clemente Family Photographer-7175 San Clemente Family Photographer-7180 San Clemente Family Photographer-7182 San Clemente Family Photographer-7192 San Clemente Family Photographer-7199 San Clemente Family Photographer-7212 San Clemente Family Photographer-7221 San Clemente Family Photographer-7230 San Clemente Family Photographer-7232 San Clemente Family Photographer-7270 San Clemente Family Photographer-7282 San Clemente Family Photographer-7283 San Clemente Family Photographer-7287 San Clemente Family Photographer-7295 San Clemente Family Photographer-7303 San Clemente Family Photographer-7310 San Clemente Family Photographer-7316 San Clemente Family Photographer-7331 San Clemente Family Photographer-7336

An evening spent digging, chasing, climbing, and – in true kid fashion – ripping flowers out of the ground, roots n’ all.
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A Mother & Daughter Session, with Catherine + Charlotte

San Clemente Family Photographer-99

San Clemente Family Photographer-2 San Clemente Family Photographer-5 San Clemente Family Photographer-7 San Clemente Family Photographer-16 San Clemente Family Photographer-25 San Clemente Family Photographer-26 San Clemente Family Photographer-30 San Clemente Family Photographer-31 San Clemente Family Photographer-32 San Clemente Family Photographer-34Untitled-19 San Clemente Family Photographer-45 San Clemente Family Photographer-52 San Clemente Family Photographer-54 Untitled-17 San Clemente Family Photographer-92Untitled-77 San Clemente Family Photographer-113 San Clemente Family Photographer-121Untitled-8 San Clemente Family Photographer-129Untitled-7 San Clemente Family Photographer-143

There is an intimacy captured during in-home sessions that simply cannot be captured outside of the home. It’s the reason shooting in-home is my most preferred, favorite setting. Even more, I love to capture the relationship between a mother and her child; it’s unlike any other relationship, so innate and animalistic. The way we care for our young with our whole hearts; it’s a privilege anytime I’m invited into a home and capturing Catherine and Charlotte was no exception. A love so divine, so true.

Catherine and Charlotte, captured in their home in San Diego, California.

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A Family Session, with The Simons

San Clemente Family Photograhy-67

San Clemente Family Photograhy-4 San Clemente Family Photograhy-12 San Clemente Family Photograhy-29 San Clemente Family Photograhy-31 San Clemente Family Photograhy-34 San Clemente Family Photograhy-36 San Clemente Family Photograhy-38 San Clemente Family Photograhy-39 San Clemente Family Photograhy-49 San Clemente Family Photograhy-52 San Clemente Family Photograhy-57 San Clemente Family Photograhy-62 San Clemente Family Photograhy-64Untitled-2 San Clemente Family Photograhy-69 San Clemente Family Photograhy-89 San Clemente Family Photograhy-91 San Clemente Family Photograhy-94 San Clemente Family Photograhy-97 San Clemente Family Photograhy-107 San Clemente Family Photograhy-123 San Clemente Family Photograhy-145 San Clemente Family Photograhy-148 San Clemente Family Photograhy-162 San Clemente Family Photograhy-167Untitled-1 San Clemente Family Photograhy-180 San Clemente Family Photograhy-181 San Clemente Family Photograhy-183 San Clemente Family Photograhy-185 San Clemente Family Photograhy-191 San Clemente Family Photograhy-193 San Clemente Family Photograhy-196 San Clemente Family Photograhy-199 San Clemente Family Photograhy-204 San Clemente Family Photograhy-215 San Clemente Family Photograhy-216

I met the Simon family just before the holidays and was quickly transported back-in-time to when my boys were younger. Even though most days still feel like a defeat, I was reminded that there were times where nearly every single day was a battle; a battle I didn’t even realize was as much at the time… When you’re simply going through the motions and taking care of what needs to be taken care only to get to the end of the day and realize that taking-care-of part of the day never really included yourself. Not to say that Jamie in any way fit this description, she most certainly did not. In fact, she seemed oblivious to the fact that her days are surely harder than mine. I suppose it’s just the territory that comes with having a 5 month old and a 2 year old. Shit’s just hard.

Sweet baby Kaia was a dream, however, to photograph. Intrigued by my camera and go-with-the-flow. And Kane was all-systems-go and rock n’ roll, which truthfully makes for a welcomed challenge; no choice but to capture him as he is, on his terms, which is what I strive to do anyway. And Jamie and Brad were relaxed and natural, making the shoot rather seamless and effortless.

We spent the first hour shooting in their beautiful, newly remodeled, home in Seal beach before heading out to catch a bit of the sunset just a few blocks from their house.

I stopped at a local florist shop on the way home and bought some flowers, something I never do, and made a promise to myself that Willy and I’s next date will take place in Seal Beach because it’s just as cute as can me.

Many thanks to the Simon family for having me. If you, too, are interested in hiring me for a session, email me: ashleyjennett @ gmail.com. You can also check out my website by clicking here.

A Family Session, with The Martins

San Clemente Family Photographer-2

San Clemente Family Photographer-9 San Clemente Family Photographer-11 San Clemente Family Photographer-13 San Clemente Family Photographer-26 San Clemente Family Photographer-28San Clemente Family Photographer-41Untitled-44 San Clemente Family Photographer-50 San Clemente Family Photographer-52 San Clemente Family Photographer-55 San Clemente Family Photographer-63 San Clemente Family Photographer-65 San Clemente Family Photographer-73 San Clemente Family Photographer-84 San Clemente Family Photographer-86 San Clemente Family Photographer-90 San Clemente Family Photographer-91 San Clemente Family Photographer-99 San Clemente Family Photographer-110

I met the Martin family at their gorgeous home in San Francisco. We had initially planned on meeting somewhere outdoors and I’m so glad I convinced them to do an in-home session instead. Their home was absolutely gorgeous and with such a beautiful family to match, it only seemed fitting.

Nicole was home with both kiddos when I arrived and we shot some before Jose made his way home from work. Their kids, like mine, are less than two years apart and were all kinds of crazy but in the best kind of way.

I think parents often have some expectation for their children to be well behaved during shoots and it takes some convincing before they realize that I not only expect this on my shoots, but invite it. I’m no Sears Portrait Photographer and more times than not, I’ve found that the more chaos, the more movement, and the more movement, the better. Dahlia and Sebastian were all kinds of fun and played into every one of my scenarios just perfectly. Sometimes what seems like complete and utter chaos is actually pretty darn close to any written script I could have put together.

Interested in hiring me for a session? Email me: ashleyjennett @ gmail.com.


Before & After: Life on the road, an interview with Kate, from Birch & Pine

San Clemente Family Photographer-128

Some time back I had the opportunity to meet up and photograph Kate & Ellen, from Birch & Pine. Kate had actually requested a local pickup of a Mama Bird tee given the fact that they had been living on the road and did not have a shipping address. What started as a shirt drop off turned into a tour of their home-on-wheels, some photos down at the beach, followed by some hang time between their daughter Adeleide and the boys the next day, and then, well, an entire Sunday watching football and cooking food and folding laundry. Never mind the latter, it’s better folding laundry with new friends, let me tell ya. We had a great time exchanging life stories and comparing romantic presumptuous notions about one another’s lives. When they pulled away in their airstream the next morning, Willy and I were both a bit sad (it’s been a long time since he’s had an entire day dedicated to watching football with someone who actually enjoys it). They made promises of return visits and have already made good on their word. I suppose it’s our turn to visit them next. It’s not everyday that you meet new friends that instantly feel like old friends. In any event, I thought I’d interview them here so ya’ll could have the pleasure of knowing a bit about them too. San Clemente Family Photographer-62 San Clemente Family Photographer-69

I suppose it’s best to start out with an introduction. Tell us a little bit about yourselves, what you’re doing, and something unique about each of you.

We are Kate (a photographer, writer, and stylist) and Ellen (an art teacher turned woodworker) – wives (to each other, sometimes people don’t catch that one), and mamas to a beautiful and brilliant daughter, Adelaide. We are currently in month five of a road trip around North America, and live in our renovated 1957 Airstream, on a search for a place to call home and an understanding of who we are creatively and personally.

Let’s see, something unique…I (Kate) went most of my life without understanding the beauty of bluegrass music…until moving to Kentucky to live with Ellen. Now I can’t imagine my life without it! Ellen can make just about anything she puts her mind to making…she’s a natural problem-solver and this comes into play when she is creating.San Clemente Family Photographer-9San Clemente Family Photographer-61

I always say that I prefer travel over vacation and that traveling is synonymous with some degree of difficulty. Vacation is a break in the action but when you return, you jump right back into the action. Traveling is far from a break, and often more difficult than regular life – albeit a beautiful change in scenery – but you often return with a perspective and knowledge and outlook that far exceeds the length of the actual trip. Would you agree?

We would both absolutely agree, one-thousand percent. We weren’t quite prepared for how difficult living on the road would be. The lack of comforts were one thing, but we didn’t know it would affect our marriage so negatively (goodbye date nights, adult conversation, and sex), how little we’d actually get to explore (we’re too busy homeschooling, working to generate income, or setting up and tearing down our house when we get to a location or leave one), or how our emotions could vary from day to day – one day I’ll love every second of traveling and think…I could do this forever…and the next day I’m collapsing on a curb because I’m so overwhelmed by it all.

Yet there are moments that make it all worth it, despite the hard days or circumstances – like meeting new people we’d not have otherwise met, seeing glaciers for the first time up close, when the right song comes on while driving down the road and the temperature is just right. And while we’re not clear on how we’ll feel and what we will have learned when our travels are over and we return to ‘normalcy’, we can definitely say, even now, that we’ve figured out some really vital things about ourselves and our future that we wouldn’t have discovered without this trip.San Clemente Family Photographer-25San Clemente Family Photographer-56San Clemente Family Photographer-3

You travel with a dog and a cat, which I assume many would see as an added challenge. Do you think you could travel with a fish or would you draw the line there?

The line is already drawn at the dog and cat! I knew that I (Kate) would really struggle with having two pets with us on the road, but the fact is: we love them and are responsible for their care, no matter where we are or what we decide to do in life. It’s definitely hard to manage sometimes, but they bring such warmth and love into our lives and our home. It’s just like the travel itself – it’s hard to have them with us, but they make it worth it when they cuddle up with us after a hard day.San Clemente Family Photographer-20 San Clemente Family Photographer-19 San Clemente Family Photographer-17 San Clemente Family Photographer-21 San Clemente Family Photographer-24

Downsizing from a larger home to a smaller one is never a walk in the park. It’s even harder to fathom how to downsize to a 27 foot trailer. You’ve sold or donated many of your possessions, which I think all of us – no matter the size of our living corridors – intend to do. Did you follow any rules as far as getting rid of stuff was involved? Was it difficult or freeing? Is there anything that you got rid of that you regret?

Go with your gut. Don’t hem and haw over every single item you sort through…your first instinct is usually the right one. If you know you’ve not worn that tank top all summer and it’s now autumn, you’re likely not going to wear it next summer. It’s pretty easy to get matter-of-fact about it if you don’t let yourself get to the doubting stage (like having an outbox by the back door – that’s just setting you up for keeping the contents).

For us, it was freeing. It’s pretty fun to know that everything we own can be hauled down the highway. At this point, we don’t regret it. It’s really amazing to get a completely fresh start. Sometimes I miss this broken brass lamp I picked up at a flea market for $2…I sold it for $10, and it’s one of the things I wish I’d saved. A broken, cheap brass lamp of all things…
San Clemente Family Photographer-107
San Clemente Family Photographer-55
Life on the road is much like life anywhere in the sense that it’s always going to have it’s highs and it’s lows. Can you take a minute to paint the picture of what a great day of life on the road looks like and then what a I-can’t-wait-to-settle-down-because-life-on-the-road-is-hard day on the road looks like?

Good day: We wake slowly in some incredible location…perhaps the rocky beach surrounded by waterfalls and glaciers in Alaska, or underneath the moss covered trees of the Hoh Rainforest…or that morning in the Badlands, watching the sunrise and a thunderstorm take place simultaneously, crazily, across the ridiculously vast sky. Coffee together, savoring it, conversation, a child playing at our feet. A hike, a day of exploration. A picnic lunch…songs on the radio as we drive. A dinner over the campfire, beers and singing and playing the guitar together.

*These have rarely happened all in one day – these are merely snippets of time and rare moments for us.

Bad day: I’m melting, purely melting in the heat…and shade and a breeze aren’t found. We’re out of coffee…I walk around to get something out of the car and smack my forehead into one of the open Airstream windows, knocking me to the dirt and I start bleeding profusely. The dog shits in the bathroom and someone steps in it…then the cat vomits on the rug…and someone steps in it. The dinner gets burnt, there isn’t wifi or cell signal and I’m behind on work. We’re driving somewhere and hoping to find a campsite…and keep on driving, because every single one we stop at is full.  Throw a few fits in there, the good and strong kind, where your kid is having a full-on breakdown, complete with hysterical crying, yelling, and gets a few blows to your face in. We stop on the side of the road and hope we don’t get a ticket or hit in the middle of the night…and get a restless night of sleep, especially when the cat has eaten something weird – one of my plants, of course, and pukes again…and then takes a shit and fills the tiny trailer with a smell that would rouse the deepest sleeper.

*This has all happened in one day.San Clemente Family Photographer-113 San Clemente Family Photographer-111

You’ve met many people on the road. I often feel that in general we’re all very disconnected, that we lack a human connection. But life on the road kind of sets you up to meet a lot of strangers and engage in a lot of conversations. I assume you’ve had to rely on others, at times, which I think can be a very beautiful and connecting experience. Has it been hard to meet people and then move on or are you simply grateful for the people you’ve come in contact with?

We set out to find community on this trip, something that we really lacked back in Kentucky…and we’ve definitely found it. I am so amazed by how deeply we can connect with others when they are open to it…I’m not a shoot-the-shit kind of person. I’m going to get in there and pry and ask you how you really are. We both desire real conversation, to linger over a messy dinner table because no one dares to rise and start cleaning up…the things happening at the table are too good. We’ve found this, from Ontario to Portland to California to Alaska. It’s all been so good, and each friendship forged looks different. Some people we keep in touch with more than others, some we feel entirely comfortable with right away, some it takes a bit more time to get to know. Some relationships have just been pure fun – drinking and talking and being silly…and each friendship is amazing in it’s own right. It’s definitely difficult to move on, especially when you have such a real and vital connection.

Our reliance on others has been hard for us, as we both take pride in our independence. We love that we renovated our Airstream ourselves entirely, that we prepared for this life without support from our families or anyone else – it was just us. We were all we had. In that way, it’s difficult to understand that there are people willing to support who we are and what we do, to accept our family as normal, all of it. Yet we’ve needed that so badly – it has moved us to tears when someone offers us a meal, a bedroom to spread out in, time alone as a couple, a shower, or leaves a bottle of wine, gift cards, and the sweetest message in a grocery bag under my seat in the car (looking at you, Ashley!), or simply speaks to us like we are normal – asks us for parenting advice, asks when we got married, celebrates us as a real couple and a real family, because we are. None of this was had before, and we have that now. We found what we were looking for in so many folks, all across the continent.San Clemente Family Photographer-116 San Clemente Family Photographer-39 San Clemente Family Photographer-60

You’re without many simple luxuries living the way you are. I figure you must either fall into the who-needed-that-stuff-anyway category or the I-can’t-wait-to-take-a-shit-in-a-bathroom-with-a-door category. Which do you each fall into? What has been surprisingly easy to do without? What has been difficult?
You know, I think that I fall somewhere in between – and so does my wife. We don’t regret what we did – we didn’t need all of that stuff that filled our house. We don’t miss it, and having everything we own following sort of dutifully behind us as we travel is really amazing to us. Letting go of all of those things gave us the gift of understanding what we truly need. We wouldn’t have known that otherwise. On the flip side, we’ve realized that we are people who don’t do living this simply all that well. We like ice-makers, and washers and dryers, and having a private bedroom with a door, and a flushing toilet (we compost in the Airstream). At first, I felt really guilty about missing those things…but I’m not sure why. I think it’s okay to want comfort – but yet knowing that for five months so far, I’ve gone without anyway, despite the discomfort, gives me a sense of accomplishment. I am able to push through difficult situations and live with less, but I’m looking forward to the day when we settle down again and have some luxuries…yet we plan to continue living with less, mindfully consuming, and purchasing products with intention.San Clemente Family Photographer-103 San Clemente Family Photographer-70 San Clemente Family Photographer-67

I traveled a lot in my mid-twenties and encountered a lot of friends and family that were astonished that I had “that kind of money”. The reality is that my best friend and I worked really hard, saved all of our money, and traveled very cheaply. In India, for example, we paid $2 for the room we stayed in. It had bed bugs in it, but that’s beside the point. Anyway, I think a lot of people look at your lifestyle and discount it as an option because it’s something they feel they cannot afford. Can you touch on how you’ve made it work and how you’ve opted to do without to keep it sustainable?

You’ve hit on something here – people do assume you have to be ridiculously wealthy or something close to it to travel. For us, it was about wanting it more than anything and working our asses off to make it happen. From concept to culmination, it took a year and a half to even get on the road. During that time, we gave up weekends, weeknights – we renovated our Airstream completely (everything new, from the subfloor to the electrical to the design and execution), went through the excrutiating process of selling our house, lost sleep, lost all free time, and I took some pretty weird freelance jobs to save up for our trip. We worked hard to make it happen. We weren’t wealthy – Ellen was a high school art teacher and I am a freelance photographer.

We go without a lot of amenities – we opt for free or cheap dry camping whenever possible, and often don’t have wifi for binge watching Netflix (my favorite!). We don’t eat out much, or buy clothes unless we absolutely need them (not like we have the space anyway). When designing our Airstream, we kept the interior simple so we’d have more money to travel. We live with less right now so we can experience more – it makes sense to us. So it really just depends on what you can do without – or how far you’re willing to push yourself.

Each lifestyle has it’s own trials and tribulations as well it’s beauty and perks. Some want land while others with land know the hard work involved in having land and want less. The grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t it? What do you think is the secret to happiness and deciding on a lifestyle that’s best for you? How’s that for a loaded question?

I love that I’m getting to answer this question right now, as we have been having these types of discussions lately. It’s a constant push and pull of emotions (I love this, I hate this), especially for me. I long for the comforts of home (you might catch me listening to Simon & Garfunkel’s song, Homeward Bound, on repeat one day…then America the next), yet I know when we are done and settled and have sold our Airstream, we’re going to miss the road like crazy. I feel we all tend to romanticize what we don’t have. I’ll be the first to admit that while I understood that living on the road would be rough, I also romanticized it greatly. Currently, I’m neck-deep in fantasizing about a stationary existence…Saturday markets, Sunday football on the sofa, the ability to sprawl out and have a moment to myself in my own shower, et cetera.

I say…you do what you want. Do it wisely, do it because you truly want it – not because someone else has it and you are jealous, but because in your heart, you know it’s absolutely right for you (and your family, if you have one). Life is short. We all know this…if you are looking around at your life and it’s not what you thought it would be, if it’s not as you imagined it, if it makes you sad…change it. Don’t waste a second. Start working toward change, one step at a time. Find what works for you. This may look different in a few months, a few years. That, I think, is the secret. Be open to change, be aware of who you are and what you need, and work for what you want in life.San Clemente Family Photographer-150 San Clemente Family Photographer-58

I imagine you’ve traveled to many different places and I know some are more welcoming and forward thinking than others. Have you felt accepted as a gay couple? 

Surprisingly, we’ve not had too many issues out on the road. One of the biggest reasons we left Kentucky was intolerance and prejudice, and no matter where we’ve gone, we’ve felt comfortable and accepted for the most part. It feels, at times, that we are constantly coming out over and over. We are always meeting new people and gauging their reactions as we introduce one another as each other’s wives.

There are a few key moments that stand out, two of which that occurred on the same evening – we were watching the sunset on the Redwood coast, and a woman nearby was scrutinizing us, sizing Ellen up (sometimes people try to figure out if she’s male or female – since short hair, tall height, and small breasts somehow equates masculinity, never mind the lack of stubble or Adam’s apple or frontal junk), which just, for the record, is completely unnecessary – why does anyone care whether or not she’s male or female? No one needs to stare that hard to figure it out, unless they want to somehow feel more comfortable if they can assume she’s male and not female and we’re you know, normal. She was so uncomfortable…we were in this beautiful setting, on a cliff over looking the ocean, and she couldn’t relax into me the way that woman was able to relax into her male partner. It didn’t seem fair…our evening was interrupted and tainted. That same evening, another woman had seen this happen – and took the time to compliment us on being (and I quote), a “neat family unit”, and went on to congratulate us on being so brave. What we remember about that evening wasn’t the incredible scenery, the crashing waves, the feeling of watching the sun dip below the water, what we remember is how two people made us feel like shit for just being us.

I tell this story for a few reasons – one, Ashley asked me this question, and two, she specifically asked me to share the ‘neat family unit’ story, and three…we don’t deserve comments or scrutiny such as those I shared above. We are good people, good parents, and love one another deeply. These are the only things that matter. San Clemente Family Photographer-86 San Clemente Family Photographer-74

I think people are quick to assume that road life is synonymous with cheap food and drive throughs. I know you guys eat pretty clean. Can you give us an idea of what typical staples are in your diet for the following:

Breakfast: Sugar-free organic bacon, lacinato kale, and fried eggs with coffee and water. This is such an easy and filling healthy breakfast.

Lunch: If I could, I’d eat a turkey-and-cheese sandwich and potato chips every day for lunch…but that doesn’t work when you’ve cut out processed foods, sugar, gluten, or dairy. So instead, we make salads or lettuce wraps, and we have a lot of hummus and veggies. Soups are great in the cooler months.

Dinner: Since we only have one stove burner, I try to plan a lot of one-pan meals – soup with a big salad, risottos, rice pasta and homemade garlic sauce, chicken and veggies. We keep it really simple right now, although when we had a full-sized kitchen, our meals were much more involved!

Where do you see yourself and Ellen in 5 years? How about Birch & Pine?

I don’t have any idea – still married, still in love, still mamas. Professionally, geographically – I have no clue. That scares me a little, but to be quite honest – I love how wide open our future looks. I know that if we’d stayed in Kentucky, we’d not be in this position of beautiful possibility. We would have accepted our misery, our pain, and the life we didn’t want…instead, we’ve experienced this insanely beautiful, crazy hard, often ridiculous, amazing, eye-opening, soul-cleansing journey. All I can know right now is the love of my wife, the love of my child, and the love I have for them. The rest will come – we have plans, goals, and we’re working toward those goals…but we never expected this journey, so who knows where all of this will lead us?San Clemente Family Photographer-96

And a few more questions more relative to your life now, in Indiana…


You’re no longer living life on the road and though I know you’re still settling in, what are the immediate pros and cons to settling back in that might have taken you by surprise/that you didn’t expect?
Quite honestly, I wasn’t expecting to feel so trapped. I thought I was ready. Ready to stop traveling, ready to settle in. I was craving so much, and now that I’m here, I miss the road desperately. A lot of this has more to do with circumstance than being stationary, as we are currently back in the Midwest and muddling through a pretty messy and emotional transition with our daughter’s biological father, who hasn’t been in her life much up until now. So not only are we figuring out life post-travel, readjusting to “normalcy” (over the holidays, no less!), we are learning to accept a new presence in our lives that is changing our family dynamic considerably, and it’s not necessarily for the better, at least not yet. We are in a completely new normal, and it feels foreign, sad, and scary – and daily I wish that things were different.
Outside of all of those things, I was surprised to see how quickly the people in our lives diminished our six-month journey – it’s as if we never left. We came back so changed…in many ways completely different people…and I find that friends and family expect us to be exactly the same as they remember us. We aren’t asked about the trip or how it affected us on a heart level, or even if we’d share some images or highlights. We are just back, and now that we’re here and not these elusive beings sharing snippets from afar, it’s business as usual. It’s the strangest feeling and one that I’m having difficulty putting into words, but it’s just awful to know you’ve been completely, irrevocably changed and no one seems to notice or care. It makes you wonder if you aren’t, and I don’t think I should question that based on what others do or say, but there it is.
The one pro in all of this emotional mess is we’ve realized how traveling is part of us now…that staying still for the rest of our lives just won’t work for us. My friend Su was talking me through a particularly difficult night and said, “once it’s (travel, the road) in your blood, you’re ruined” and that resonated so profoundly and loudly in my soul that it gave me, us, the very obvious answer that we needed – we aren’t done traveling and exploring and experiencing and learning what life on the road can teach us – not even close. With just five short months to go, we’ve set a goal to travel for a couple months this summer and keep adding to our map. Knowing that we can have the best of both worlds – be stationary and travel – was everything to us, the answer to so many questions.San Clemente Family Photographer-91 San Clemente Family Photographer-110
How has your version of the story of your life on the road changed since you’ve settled into your new home? In other words, is it easier now to forget the hardships and simply reminisce on the more meaningful and beautiful parts of what was life on the road? I always think that the view of the past is seen best through rose colored lenses…which is how I justify all of the elderly people urging us young moms to enjoy every moment with young kids.
I haven’t forgotten the difficulties at all…because those were completely present and real and really fucking stressful. When my wife and I talk about our months living on the road in our Airstream, we are using those hard experiences as teaching moments for ourselves. Now that we’ve decided to continue traveling in the summers, we are using those hardships to determine what needs to change for our next go round – such as a newer and smaller Airstream with more amenities (heat, A/C, a hot shower, a real toilet), no cat on board (we’d leave him with a trusted friend or family member so there wouldn’t be a constant worry of him escaping or dealing with the stink of his shit in a tiny space), and a shorter stint out on the road (two months instead of six) with a well-mapped plan that has room for adaptation, as opposed to the vague “plan” we had for the last six months with very concrete commitments to people that were hard to keep when we found ourselves further away from the place we needed to be.

We were completely unprepared in so many ways our first time out, and while it’s hard to admit that, it’s just fact. There were things we did right, sure – but many things we did just didn’t work. It’s such a shift, living on the road in tight quarters, constantly on the move – and how can you ever be fully prepared for that? It’s one of those things that you have to get hands-on with, no how-to guide or advice or research is going to prepare you for it. We learned as we went and came out much wiser. We will learn even more this summer.

With all of that said, however, I know that those beautiful moments happened. I haven’t been able to think about them much; the beauty of them is so absolutely incredible that it hurts to relive them in just memory form. I can’t scroll back in my Instagram feed to see the images I took while out on the road, and my computer houses thousands of images from the incredible places we visited (Alaska, Oregon, Wyoming, the Yukon…the list goes on) that I’ve not had the strength to go through. Certain songs make me break down and cry, others bring back visuals and feelings so strong that I have to turn the song off. Those beautiful things happened and they were so unbelievable, even amidst the stress of road life…and one day I’m going to be able to sift through the photographs and listen to those songs and feel all of the things – but it may be a long while. Right now, I think it’s going to take being out on the road again to be able to begin to truly process all of the things felt and seen and experienced and learned, the awe, the times of feeling tiny yet strong and brave, all of those moments of our breath being taken away by the beauty of everything out there that waits for us to come notice it, to take it in.

I’m sure tons of people may have questions about your airstream, which you guys have renovated entirely on your own and have recently sold… Where can people find more information? 

You can find us at www.birchandpine.co, where I am sorely behind on posting anything about our travels – or find us on Instagram, where I post far more regularly – our main account is @birchandpine, and we also have an account entirely dedicated to our Airstream renovation, where you can see the process from start to finish, @birchandpineairstream.
Writer & Photographer
B I R C H & P I N E
Instagram: @birchandpine & @birchandpineairstream
Pinterest: Birch & Pine

Polly Alderton, on Childhood Unplugged

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

“I want my children to be art literate and to understand as much as they can about my processes. If I have a set idea in my mind, I’ll ask them to do it and if they like the sound of it they will. Sometimes they don’t like the sound of it and they wont. I have a picture I like of my oldest son posing in a flower crown in our back garden, he looks so serene and earthy, he was at the time sitting giving me a list of reasons why he should be allowed to have a computer games console in the house. Another time I let him stick his fingers up to swear as part of a photo trade. I am trying to move in a bit of a different direction with my pictures at the moment and pose them less. I’m really just trying to catch them as they are, I like this idea of collecting a series of what may look like film stills. I realised that the kids were starting to get bored by me, and I was of myself too.”

I posted an interview I did with Polly Alderton, from @dollyandfife, over on the Childhood Unplugged blog. You can check it out by clicking here.



iPhone shots “most liked” from 2015

IGfavoritesHave you noticed how seemingly curated instagram has become? So many galleries seem to mirror one another; the Christmas garland, for instance, was starting to make me puke. That’s not to say it’s not beautiful, it is. I just can’t help but think that some people go out and go to the hassle of caring for that kinda thing for the sole purpose of it appearing in their feed. Maybe I’ve become too cynical. Whatever the case may be, I haven’t had the best of tastes left in my mouth from instagram these days.

I really value the images I capture with my phone and though I post a few from my blog that are shot with my DSLR, I wanted to take a moment to look back on images captured with my iPhone, all shot in 2015 and edited with the VSCO app. A reminder to myself, and maybe to you too, that it’s not all about professional photography and well-curated feeds. Sometimes the raw and cheap can be just as beautiful and memorable.

Can you tell the difference between DSLR shots versus iPhone shots that show up in your feeds? Do you care? What do you shoot with most?

Young In Love, with Jessica & Rich

San Clemente Wedding Photography-32

San Clemente Wedding Photography-3 San Clemente Wedding Photography-9 San Clemente Wedding Photography-17 San Clemente Wedding Photography-25 San Clemente Wedding Photography-27San Clemente Wedding Photography-23 San Clemente Wedding Photography-30 San Clemente Wedding Photography-36San Clemente Wedding Photography-22 San Clemente Wedding Photography-39 San Clemente Wedding Photography-48 San Clemente Wedding Photography-50 San Clemente Wedding Photography-53 San Clemente Wedding Photography-59San Clemente Wedding Photography-66Untitled-66 San Clemente Wedding Photography-84 San Clemente Wedding Photography-94 San Clemente Wedding Photography-103 San Clemente Wedding Photography-115 San Clemente Wedding Photography-116 San Clemente Wedding Photography-120 San Clemente Wedding Photography-121 San Clemente Wedding Photography-124 San Clemente Wedding Photography-128 San Clemente Wedding Photography-130 San Clemente Wedding Photography-135Untitled-55 San Clemente Wedding Photography-140 San Clemente Wedding Photography-148 San Clemente Wedding Photography-151 San Clemente Wedding Photography-161 San Clemente Wedding Photography-165 San Clemente Wedding Photography-175 San Clemente Wedding Photography-177 San Clemente Wedding Photography-181 San Clemente Wedding Photography-186 San Clemente Wedding Photography-188 San Clemente Wedding Photography-194

The last of my Bay Area sessions was a couples session in Mill Valley and after a few sessions that involved wrangling kids and making myself look ridiculous to illicit the responses I wanted, it was a breath of fresh air to have two beautiful and competent adults in-front of my lens. Not that I don’t love the wrangling, I do. But I also like change. And more and more, I love capturing couples.

Jessica and Rich emailed me a while back and mentioned they’d be in Northern California on a road trip. It just so happened that our paths crossed while I was there for travel sessions, a twist of fate if you will. They were both quiet and reserved yet uninhibited in a subtle way if ever there was such a thing. They were ridiculously easy to shoot and spent much of the shoot whispering things to one another that I couldn’t hear, sharing giggles only they knew the origin of. They could have been making fun of me for all I knew but based on their kind and gentle spirit, I’d say it was doubtful. They truly allowed me to be the fly on the wall and whatever directing I did do was effortless.

I met them at a home, coined the ‘treehouse’ for good reason, which they found through airbnb. I had wrongfully assumed the entire house was for rent but when I showed up, the hosts were there sipping coffee on the sofa. I hand it to these guys for not letting it spoil the mood and for creating such an intimate and tender vibe in spite of it all.

We made it to Mt. Tam just in time to watch the sun go down with views of San Francisco covered in fog, the light on the tower from twin peaks blinking in the distance.

I left San Francisco the next morning, happily ending on a great note, and bought the dress she wore the very next day because, um, heart eyes, no?

Interested in hiring me for a session? Email me: ashleyjennett @ gmail.com.

An interview with Dori Varga, builder of Tribe de Mama


Some time ago, I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Dori Varga, the beauty behind Tribe de Mama. I have been meaning to interview her here every since. Sometimes I get bored with the monotony that seems to have claimed much of social media and the blog world today; but there’s always a silver lining and Tribe de Mama, for me, is part of that silver lining. I love the sense of community and support that flows from Dori’s personal feed as well as from the Tribe de Mama feed; a place where women, all women, can go and feel united and invited. In any event, I thought some of you might be interested in learning more about Tribe de Mama. I’m also stoked to be able to share some more images from our shoot way back when because, well, it’s one of my all time favorites. With no further adieu, here’s Dori…TheStork&TheBeanstalkPhotography-4 TheStork&TheBeanstalkPhotography-6

What prompted you to start TRIBE de MAMA and how did it come about?

The creation and birth of Noah inspired me to get deeper, to dig deeper. Inside me, and outside me. Not a shock as I was doing all I could to prepare for an unmedicated birth, I had to tear all the walls and bullshit down that I had built up ever since childhood.

When the idea came to me I was already in the transition from an art blog to a blog which features artist women, with a specific focus on interviewing mothers who create art. I was, and am still, fascinated by the transformation of the feminine creativity when the mind and soul goes from maiden to mother. Such a special exploration!

Once Noah was born it was clear that I was on a mission, and that is to help to empower women, to inspire women, to help those looking for sisterhood, and to be a bridge between healers and those who seek healing. The rest organically flowed, and is still evolving.

TheStork&TheBeanstalkPhotography-28 TheStork&TheBeanstalkPhotography-49 TheStork&TheBeanstalkPhotography-63

I’ve noticed gatherings taking place all around the world. Do you have a hand in organizing each of these gatherings? Where have you held gatherings thus far?

Yes, we indeed have events around the world; we have had women come together as TRIBE de MAMA in Australia, New Zealand, Israel, and Hungary, but our main playground still remains within the US.
Anyone can become an organizer, once they agree to follow our core values; creating a judgment free, safe space, where a loving and empathic sisterhood is gathered.

We make a difference between three types of events an organizer is able to create: gatherings, workshops, and women’s circles. For the latter we are currently creating the protocol.

TheStork&TheBeanstalkPhotography-70 TheStork&TheBeanstalkPhotography-96

What are the gatherings like? What takes place at each gathering?

It depends on what kind of event we are talking about. A gathering can be a picnic, an organized hike, a class or lecture, a movie screening; really the list is infinite. What defines them all is that these events are free for anyone to attend and that they are all infused with our core values.

Can you speak to the power of women coming together? I think it’s such a beautiful thing, something our society really needs more of.

I absolutely agree.

I first felt the undeniable “girl power” while becoming a big Spice Girls fan when I was a young girl. My main attraction to this group was the way they celebrated unity in diversity. Five ladies, all very different, yet equal, best friends, creating sisterhood. Each of them representing an aspect of the woman, the goddess. I always thought whoever created that idea was a fucking genius! They must have had very similar ideas about women and ‘the future is feminine’ movement, as so many of us today.

Since then just the representation has changed, the main feelings stayed in me. I am obsessed with the empowerment and connecting of women. I believe that when we come together to celebrate life, to support one another, to inspire and uplift each other, we are raising the vibration of humanity and the entire planet. Through putting our hearts and minds together in a circle of trust and consciousness, we are creating a better future for our children. All you have to do is focus on your closest connections; your mother, your sister, your daughter, your daughter’s friends, your neighbor, her sister and friends, and so on. Your local village is the most important place for the work. Truly living the love, and fully embracing mindfulness and a generally peaceful lifestyle while nurturing our local, conscious, sisterhood is first. A sisterhood of equality and free of judgment.
I understand that not everyone has the opportunity to connect with likeminded women in real life, and for those sisters we created TRIBE de MAMA. To be all that I mentioned already: support, encouragement, inspiration, a safe place to turn to.

TheStork&TheBeanstalkPhotography-118 TheStork&TheBeanstalkPhotography-176

Are most of the participants in TRIBE de MAMA mothers?

Mmm… Good question. I know that the word ‘mama’ confuses some, but we are not only for mothers. This expression is a hint for the nurturing aspect of the woman. This community is a place for anyone who identifies as a woman.


Where do you see TRIBE de MAMA headed in the next 5 years?

You are not the first one to ask me this… I have no idea. Truly. Just in the first year we have built so much! But things seem to be slowing down a bit. I like to let the community lead the way, and organically set us up for what is to come. Let the ladies decide what they need most, and serve them. I am here to serve.

I look at TRIBE de MAMA as community first, then as a magazine. The community building part is what stands closer to my heart. I have been dreaming of working together with women on a global level for a long time.

Currently we are putting together the protocol needed to initiate official facilitators to hold space for TRIBE de MAMA. I am just starting to work together with Alison Love, shamanic healer, artist, and practiced women’s circle facilitator. She is one of my main co-creators who is helping me create a fresh system, proper guidelines, and a badass marketing and action plan to reach and help as many sisters as we can through our events.

A big part of our community building is the TRIBE FAMILY GATHERING, which we held for the first time in Joshua Tree last Halloween weekend. It was a powerful three days of about 60 men, women, and children. We held workshops, different healing circles, had the most talented holistic chef cook for us, built bonfires, played music, created art. Involving the partners of the TRIBE de MAMA girls was epic. From what I heard, saw, and felt, these men were changed and have been ever since. The brother circle and its work is just as important as the women’s; there is a deep need coming from men to gather and connect on the soul level at this time of life. My lover, Adam, heard this calling, and said yes to it. I am so proud of him for creating such magic for others to heal and grow. The entire weekend was just an amazing and profound experience for all of us that we decided to gather the tribe twice a year. Our next TRIBE FAMILY GATHERING will be in late September. This time we will open the doors for up to 120 sisters and brothers, and from now on we will be keeping to this number. Our aim is to keep the intimacy of the gathering, to truly recreate the feeling of the village.

On the other end, there is our magazine.  We are currently moving from a monthly to a seasonal format, as well as a professional online magazine layout. The website is being renewed as well; so we will be back online with our first seasonal issue, REBIRTH, being released at the end of January.
Since the start I have been aiming for a platform where the movers and makers of the feminine power can join forces and spread their wisdom and message. After a year, I finally feel like we have the team we have been looking for to make this dream come true.
My main assistants are Kristen Coleford, as Production Manager and Creative Co-Creator and Alison Love as Creative Co-Creator. Vanessa Perger as Editor in Chief is an amazing expert of written words, while Erin Erickson is helping her as Editor, and has been one of the main tribe girls ever since the beginning.
We are creating a lifestyle magazine for women of all ages, colors, cultures, and sexual orientations. Our mission is to bring a mindful, holistic, and spiritual approach into the everyday life through these pages, offering suggestions for our rituals in all aspects of life. You will find health and wellness pieces, as well as travel, fiction, interviews, photo journals, storytelling, empowering, informative, and other narrative articles. Our contributor group is also growing; currently we are working with about 60 women globally on the written content. There are another 30 women internationally who create art for us, to make the magazine an artistically valuable platform as well. Alexa Pique is my Art Curator with an amazing taste and voice, which keeps the creative juice flowing. We are co creating TRIBE de MAMA’s side project Kunstblitz together where we explore “Consciously Curated Art to Inspire the Feminine Heart”. Art is still a passion of mine, and I wouldn’t be able to give it up for a second. Connecting with people through paintings and photographs is such a deep way of learning of one another’s soul. I found some of the closest sisters around me through connecting through sharing art with each other.

Besides these parts, we have opened our own BooKlub as well on Facebook, led by beautiful sister KC Brezina, and which will be holding virtual meetings over the phone starting in the new year. The books KC has in mind for our community are truly beautiful readings to inspire the feminine mind and soul.

Lastly, we are also about to launch the TRIBE de MAMA Fundraising Collective with the lead of Ines Tucakovic and Stepha Lawson. Our mission is to support different organizations helping women, mothers, expecting women, or young girls in need, and to raise awareness within our community of the difficult situations of the woman living on our planet. My longterm plan is to build our TdM Fundraising Collective into a legit fundraiser organization, which will be able to co create with volunteer workers and serve the women in need. My biggest dream will come true when this happens.

My hope is that in the upcoming years we will truly be able to create a more diverse community, not only for ourselves but for the world. Each part of TRIBE de MAMA is serving this idea. My continuous aim is for us to clearly communicate that we are open to anyone, and to create an inviting and comforting space for women to join us from all around the globe.

Thank you, Dori, for your time. Again, you can find Dori & Tribe de Mama on instagram @dorideer | @tribedemama and on the web here.tribedemama

Visual Supplement: William Gedney

WilliamGedneyJournal entry by William Gedney, 1969…
There are two ways of looking at a thing.
Either you feel that a thing must be perfect before you present it to the public, or you are willing to let it go out even knowing that it is not perfect, because you are striving for something even beyond what you have achieved, but in struggling too hard for perfection you know that you may lose the very glimmer of life, the very spirit of the thing that you also know exists at a particular point in what you have done; and that to interfere with it would be to destroy that very living quality.
I am myself in favor of practising in public. There are, of course, those people who say, ‘But the public is not interested in watching people practice. It wants the finished thing or nothing.’ My answer is that if one does not practice in public in reality, then in nine cases out of ten the world will never see the finished product of one’s work. Some people go on the assumption that if a thing is not a hundred percent perfect it should not be given to the world, but I have seen too many things that were a hundred percent perfect that were spiritually dead, and then things that have been seemingly incomplete that have life and vitality, which I prefer by far to the other so-called perfect thing.
It is one thing to think about a piece of work as a scientific or objective entity that will stand up a hundred years hence, and another to think of a living quality of the person doing the thing and of his development. Is the thing felt – doesn’t it come out of an inner need – an inner must? Is one ready to die for it?… that is the only test…”
Alfred Stieglitz
Quoted by Dorothy Norman from America and Alfred Stieglitz, page 136-137, Doubleday, Doran + Company, 1934.

A Wedding, Bethany & Josiah


San Clemente Wedding Photographer-8 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-9 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-14 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-18 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-21 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-26 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-28 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-33Untitled-23 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-40 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-42 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-61 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-65 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-70 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-73 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-74 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-76 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-83 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-84 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-85 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-86 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-87 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-90 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-95 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-98 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-101 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-102 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-108San Clemente Wedding Photographer-113 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-115 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-121 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-129 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-133 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-140 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-144 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-157 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-164 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-169 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-171 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-178 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-187 San Clemente Wedding Photographer-205I had the privilege of shooting at a great venue (The Fullerton Arboretum), with a beautiful couple, and with my dear friend, Marin with Marin Rosche Photography. Everything about this wedding was easy; with a plethora of places to shoot, a vendor staff that was a pleasure to work with, and guests that filled the venue with some pretty stellar dance moves and lots of love and warmth. They had their beautiful friend, Hosanna, marry them and it was lovely. From the antique vases to the beautiful calligraphy, every detail was taken into account and so well executed.

Interested in hiring me to shoot your wedding, event, or family? Email me: ashleyjennett @ gmail.com.