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Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving. I’m not quite in the mood for the self-promotion stuff, but we are having a sale over on The Bee & The Fox so if anyone is interested, I figured I’d post here. We also recently launched a new site and added loads of product and I would, of course, love it if you’d check it out. Use coupon code GOBBLE for 20% off your purchase of $50 or more. Thank you for your support.

The Bee & The Fox | Shop Updates

Mama Tried _ The Bee & The Fox -12Love Your Mother _ The Bee & The Fox -6Never Underestimate The Power of a Woman _ The Bee & The Fox -8Same shirt different day _ The Bee & The Fox -9Strong is the new pretty _ The Bee & The Fox -3

We’ve added so much over the last few months and have so much more coming (including a new site that’s been in the works for ages) that it’s hard to keep up or keep track. In any event, we’ve added more than what is shown here and if you’d like to take a look, hop on over to The Bee & The Fox. Happy to offer a coupon code for those of you that would like to make a purchase: Use code STORK20 for 20% off your purchase of $50 or more. Code is good for today and tomorrow only.

Other new additions:

Shits & Giggles

Here Comes Trouble

Free As A Bird

Papa Bear, white

…and a whole slew of vintage and home goods

Many thanks to my girl Nichol for always standing so pretty in-front of my lens.

The Bee & The Fox | Sale


Lots of new shop updates coming soon, with new designs and new items and a few other things that have been in the works but aren’t even worth mentioning because nothing around here seems to happen in any sort of orderly fashion. In any event, we’ve extended the 4th of July sale we have gong on — use code USA20 for 20% off your purchase of $50 or more through today. And check back toward the end of the week when, with any luck, new designs will be added.

Hoping to get caught up here in the coming days. We just got back from a trip to visit family in Arizona and I still have images from our prior trip to Mexico to go through, as well as some video footage (which always seems to take me longer). Today is my birthday and while I’m looking forward to homemade pancakes in bed surrounded by the ones I love, I’m also hoping to get a quiet hour to myself in which I don’t have to yell at anyone for continuously touching their butt or hitting their brother or whining. You get the idea.

The Bee & The Fox | Pinterest

the bee & the fox

The Bee & The Fox is now on Pinterest and this little addition has proven a welcomed distraction. You can find me by clicking here.

In other shop news, newly added items include the following:

African Mud Cloths

Free As A Bird, Happy Camper, & Keeper onesies

Pick Flowers Not Fights + Happy Camper in adult sizes

We had listed some vintage Persian rugs which all sold and we’ll adding more hopefully this week (pending this damn child’s arrival)

The Bee & The Fox | New Years sale

new-years-blogWe’re having a New Year’s sale over on The Bee & The Fox. Use coupon code CHEERS2016 for 20% off your purchase of $50 or more. Newly added items include the following:thebeeandthefox

Keeper onesie, available in infant sizes 3-6m, 6-12, 12-18, 18-24  |  Born to Run onesie, available in infant sizes 3-6m, 6-12, 12-18, 18-24  |  Big Brother, available in children’s sizes 2, 4, 6  |  Big Sister, available in children’s sizes 2, 4, 6  |  Happy Camper, available in women’s sizes S, M, L, XL  |  All printed on top quality American Apparel tees, Made in USA


The Bee & The Fox | Black Friday Sale

black-fridayLove Your Mother-2677

We recently released a new tee, Love Your Mother, and in honor of Black Friday The Bee & The Fox is having a sale. Use promo code SMALLBUSINESS20 for 20% off your purchase of $50 or more. Sale runs today thru Sunday.

Please feel free to leave names / links to other small businesses you’d like others to check out in the comments section below.

Amanda Jane Jones + A Little Bundle + The Bee & The Fox


Some time back, I was contacted by Annie from A Little Bundle about taking part in a bundle for new mothers curated by Amanda Jane Jones.

Amanda Jane Jones is a name I already knew well; she designed Kinfolk Magazine, for starters, and has also worked in collaboration with Artifact Uprising. She’s a freelance graphic designer and some of her personal work is my favorite; check out this and this. She’s innovative and unique, with an air of elegance that’s perhaps only matched by her gentle and genuine nature. To be recognized by her and chosen in a bundle curated by her, well, it goes without saying that I’m incredibly honored.

So what’s a bundle, you ask? Well, A Little Bundle works with many small businesses to offer unique bundles of items for both mother and baby. Each bundle consists of four or more items that are hand selected with special attention to detail.

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The Bee & The Fox

Not much happens too quickly around here these days, but I have finally managed to add another shirt to our Etsy shop and in celebration of doing so we’re having a sale: Use code BIRD15 for 15% off your purchase of $50 or more. Code expires 8/28. Hopefully no one minds about me posting this here… I’m always so appreciative of any and all support you guys show. And many thanks to my beautiful friend Cindy for modeling for me. Ain’t she purdy?

The Mermade Market | The Bee & The Fox

lowresBefore I even tell you about the Mermade Market, I have to take a moment to talk about the image above. You see, this little world wide web is to thank for many new friendships over the past couple of years. Some I have met in person, some I have not and, sadly, may never. Katherine is someone who I’ve felt connected to for sometime. I’ve followed her lovely blog for years and to this day consider her among my favorites in the photography world. Talent aside, she has a heart of gold and the most intoxicating spirit that translates so vividly in her images. And she’s funny, too. Separated by both land and sea, I’m not sure we’ll ever have the opportunity to meet, but I’ll always consider her a friend.
When I started to work on The Bee & The Fox site, I reached out to her immediately. I was in need of some more, shall we say, feminine images and I knew right away she was my girl. And I’m so grateful to have a bit of her flair connected to The Bee & The Fox. So many thanks, my dear friend. Your images make my heart pound, every time. If you’re on instagram, you can follow her here.
Okay, that aside, I’m going to be selling at the Mermade Market in Dana Point May 7-9. If you live in the Orange County area, you should check it out. Here are the dates and times:
Thursday, May 7th, 10am-8pm
Friday, May 8th, 10am-6pm
Saturday, May 9th, 9am-5pm
I’ve been so busy preparing; making tags, figuring out the display, making new things to sell, folding and counting and sorting shirts and so on and so forth. We’ll be unveiling a few new t-shirt designs too; one more for the ladies, a couple for the kiddos, and even one for the babes. Fingers crossed it can all come to fruition in time and that I’m not just talking out of my butt.


The Bee & The Fox | SALE


Valentine’s Day Sale over on The Bee & The Fox. Enter code BEMINE at checkout for a 20% discount off your entire order. And for all y’all mamas out there with older kiddos, please remember that Free As A Bird and Keep On Truckin’ come in sizes 2 all the way up to 12. I also restocked the Mama Bird tee’s and added size XL (please size up, they run small). Tell yo’ friends. Today and tomorrow only.

The Rose Bowl

Willy and I have frequented the Rose Bowl on several occasions. In fact, before we moved and sold nearly all of our furniture, we had a garage of stuff we passed at some point at the flea market and just couldn’t say no to. We always said it’d be fun to get a spot at the Rose Bowl and sell some of the stuff we just didn’t have need or room for. And then we made our t-shirts and decided that that, too, would be fun to sell. So we bought a spot.
We left the house at 4:45am and arrived about 6:15am with eager anticipation. We got set up and cuddled under blankets we luckily had in the car, unaware of just how cold 45 degrees feels with sandals on. It was an ominous start, sitting there in the cold with what felt like hardly any shoppers. We waited for quite a while before we got our first sell. It picked up eventually and we sold a lot of the stuff that had filled our garage; an old vintage kid’s school desk, a roadrunner sting art piece, a vintage rug, a wooden crate I hadn’t intended to sell but Willy sold while I was out doing my own shopping, and a few t-shirts.
The highlight of the day was all the friends that stopped by and hung out. We both said that was the best part.
Not sure we’ll do it again, as we didn’t sell quite as much as we had hoped for. Not to mention it’s a lot of work. But what I would like to do is to get our shirts sold in more stores, either brick and mortar or online. So if anyone has any suggestions — places you think our shirts would be a good fit, let me know. Thanks guys.

The Bee & The Fox | One day only sale

I’m a last minute person, I know how it goes. So here’s your last chance before Christmas. All orders placed today will be shipped via USPS tomorrow. Use coupon code holidaybustle over on The Bee & The Fox to receive 20% off your order today only. Here’s what’s in stock: 
Happy Camper – sizes 2,4,6
Homegrown – sizes 2,4,6
Boys will be boys – sizes 2,4,6
Free as a bird – sizes 2,4,6,8,10,12
Keep on truckin’ – sizes 2,4,6,8,10,12
Mama bird – sizes S,M,L 
Are you on instagram? Follow along, @thebeeandthefox / #thebeeandthefox. And, as always, thanks for your support.

The Pop-Up Shop Recap

It means so much to me to work with people that I genuinely like, respect, and care about. I was pretty nervous leading up to the pop-up shop event at Sweet Threads because putting myself out there like that isn’t normally my jam. But Shella had donuts, and macaroons (which I tried for the first time ever. I know, I’m lame), and having her by my side made the day dare-I-say fun and enjoyable. She has some awesome customers that are super loyal and incredibly inviting. There were also a few familiar faces that came through the door and their support leaves me speechless.  
I had anticipated setting up a small area outside the shop to snap some photos of the kids in their new tee’s, but the rain had other ideas so we had to move the whole shindig inside. It all worked out and I had a blast photographing some of the cutest kiddos and enjoyed my time behind the camera — my happy place.
I left with a box of shirts that had less in it than when I came, so that was good. I’m trying my damnest to move these suckers out so I can get to work on some new ones. I have a few ideas that are literally burning holes in my brain. Ha. I also left with two bags filled with new-to-us clothes. Shella always has the most awesome collection of vintage clothing. I came away with a few new pairs of pants, a suede vest, a couple vintage baseball shirts, and a sweater I’m practically making Hooper wear despite the 80 degree November weather because it’s that stinkin’ cute. I felt like a hoarder, secretly adding things to my pile behind the desk before someone swept in and beat me to it. But whatever, I’m not above hoarding.
Special thanks to Shella & Paul at Sweet Threads for hosting and making me feel at home and many thanks, as well, to all who came out to show love and support. I have so much appreciation for y’all.
This post is in association with The Bee & The Fox.

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