Around the Table

Hooper: gets out of his seat a thousand times, won’t try new things, often prefers to be spoonfed, requires a lot of effort (on our part) to finish a meal.
Van: starts trying to climb into his high chair as soon as he sees food being made, feeds himself, often requires seconds, will try anything, puts food in his mouth by the fistfull. 
Sarah: does not require a rag or sponge, thinks the food in her bowl is overrated, loves having babies and toddlers around, hates blueberries.
What’s it like around your table?

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A Guest Post: Berlin By The Bay

Today I have a special guest post from Jordan, who writes Berlin By The Bay. I’ve always been impressed by her ability to stay stylish and chic despite running after her adorable daughter Berlin. Thank you, Jordan, for stopping by and sharing a bit of your style!
Hi!  My name is Jordan, and I’m visiting you today from my little world, known as, Berlin By The Bay.
I’m a mama, a wife, and a former clothing buyer turned stay-at-home mom.  I’m obsessed with health and nutrition (a bit hippie that way), a big believer of home births (hippie again), and in love with all things fashion (hippie…. not so much).
Let me start off by introducing you to the star of my universe, Berlin. She is my fiercely independent fourteen month old daughter and this is our attempt at a mama/baby style photo shoot.  As you will clearly see, these images are a perfect example of her demonstrating her strong will, and even stronger desire not to cooperate!. Hours later (ok, maybe it only felt like hours), hundreds of pictures, numerous location changes….. and did we nail one shot?  NO!  Well, anyway, here they are. Enjoy!
Didn’t exactly score on this one.  She is more interested in the sidewalk then paying attention to us calling her name.

Clearly didn’t capture this shot. She insisted on crawling into the street every five seconds.
Ok, here it is! The best of the bunch.  Sure, it’s out of focus and she is looking away, but I’m going with it.  I call this the winner!
On Me: Army Jacket-Refurbished Vintage // Maxi DressTimberland Boots and Suede Bag-Urban Outfitters // Necklace-H&M
On Berlin: Knit Sweater-Baby GapPink top and Polka Dot Leggings-Zara
Please hop on over and say hello and check us out on Instagram.  Special shout out to Ashley for having us today, this was so much fun!
*Photo credit,  Michael Miller

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Welkin NYC

It’s not an easy thing to ask for help and to accept help. I discovered this truth after I gave birth to Hooper and found those first couple weeks to be difficult in terms of balancing new motherhood with recovery from childbirth.
I think asking for help when you’re an artist is even harder. When you make something, whether it be a photograph, a novel, or line of children’s wear, part of your soul goes into it. If you take the time to make something, it’s because it’s important to you. And thus, when you need help to make it all come to fruition, it puts you in a vulnerable place.
I’d like to introduce y’all to Welkin NYC. Fashion blogger LaTonya and mommy blogger Belle have been working hard on a children’s line inspired by New York City. Their clothing line is well-made, eco-friendly, and unisex.
Help spread the word! You can visit their kickstarter campaign by clicking here.

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A Sponsored Giveaway, from Broken Tricycle

Today we have a giveaway Broken Tricycle. Broken Tricycle is based in Australia and is run by Trisha Murphy. Trisha combined her knowlege of design with her experience as a mother to create beautifully designed and fit for comfort clothing. Broken Tricycle uses only the purest of organic cotten, says no to sweat shops, and no to harsh dyes and chemicals. 
Trisha has been so kind as to offer one lucky winner 1 boy outfit and 1 girl outfit. The winner can select from any of the garments pictured on this post. This giveaway is open worldwide. 
Entering is easy. You can enter any of the following ways, but please leave a seperate comment for each entry to increase your chances of winning. The winner will be announced here in two weeks and will be contacted via email, so make sure your email address is valid.
Here’s how to enter:
-Visit Broken Tricycle and tell me what your favorite item is.
-Follow Broken Tricycle on Facebook.
-Follow Broken Tricycle on Instagram
 Follow The Stork & The Beanstalk on Facebook
-Follow The Stork & The Beanstalk on Bloglovin’
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Interested in making a purchase? Trisha has been kind enough to offer 20% your purchase with coupon code STORK20. Good luck and thanks for supporting my lovely sponsors. And seriously, how cute are these little models?!

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See ya soon

Be back in a few days. The bestie is in town so you better believe I’ll be soakin’ up every minute. I’m sure I’ll be grammin’ if you want to stop by and say hello (@thestorkandthebeanstalk).
Hoping I can get my *ish together to post a portrait of Willy this week, but if not, I’ll double up next week.
*Click on each photo above to be taken to it’s place of origin

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A Sponsored Giveaway, from LookNook

Enter to win the opportunity to work one-on-one with one of LookNook’s amazing interior designers to create a custom design board for one room in your home.
I have a problem when it comes to decorating our home: I buy whatever I like. Well, not whatever I like. If that were truly the case, I’d own a thousand things I couldn’t afford; Like this pot or this rug that have had my heart since the moment I laid eyes on them. What I mean is that I buy things because I like them but they don’t always go together. Like our fantastic vintage arm chair with 1970’s bright orange flowers. It’s a statement chair and it belongs in a room designed around it. But our room isn’t designed it and, as a result, it sticks out like a sore thumb (in my mind anyway). The problem is I like a little of everything: a little midcentury, a little modern, a little vintage, a little desert, a little rustic. I also like milkshakes and scrambled eggs, but not scrambled eggs in my milkshake if you catch my drift. The thing with food, or clothing for that matter, is that you can change it daily… even multiple times a day, if you wish. But your home? You can’t change it daily. And thus, I’ve become paralyzed by my own indecisiveness.
Enter LookNook.
I received an email from the sweet ladies of LookNook and couldn’t wait to hear more. LookNook was started by award-winning interior designer Rachel Guest who believes that great interior design has the power to transform not just living spaces but also the quality of lives. I couldn’t agree more. Willy and I have spent a lot of time working on our home and even though there is plenty we’d still like to change, we take great pride in the space we’ve created.
Many of us cannot afford to hire an interior designer. Not only is hiring an interior designer expensive, but it’s also time consuming. We live in a fast paced world and now, as a mother, time is more valuable to me than ever. LookNook is not only an affordable alternative, but designing your space can happen without ever leaving your computer chair.
My experience with LookNook exceeded my expectations. Here’s a step-by-step recap of what my experience was like:
-I received an email from interior desginer Holly Hargrove with a questionairre attached. The questionairre asked questions about my style, links to products I love, links to my pinterest boards, budget, etc.
-I sent Holly photographs of our family room.
-By the end of the week, Holly sent me a PDF that included all of the following:
  • A style board of things that inspired me (things she pulled from links I provided her with).
  • Visual space planning: graphic visual of how furniture and accessories are laid out in the room.
  • Storage ideas: love that Holly took the boys’ toys into consideration. She recommended a fabulous woven ottoman that doubles as a side table.
  • Fireplace: not only did Holly suggest painting it, but she also recommended a specific paint color. Painting the fireplace is something we’ve talked about doing and it’s nice to already have a starting place as far as finding the right color is concerned.
  • Accessories: tons of suggestions and where to find them.
  • Art installation: a hand sketch of how the art should appear on the wall. Love that she used art we already have but simply moved it’s location and added a few things to make it pop.
  • Additional info: tons of tips and suggestions specific to our family room and our requests. Love her suggestion to check out a “RF remote”, which allows you to control your cable box through a closed door (which means we’d be able to put the door back on our credenza).
  • LookList: an itemized list of what everything would cost, including furniture, accessories, artwork, and where to find it.   
What impressed me the most was how personal the experience was. Holly took everything I said into consideration and all of the suggestions were based on things I stated had bothered me about the space. I also love that they provide you with an itemized list. We’re not able to pour a lot of money into redecorating at the moment, but seeing everything on an itemized form helps prioritize the things we do want to do in time so that we can do what we can afford now and save the bigger stuff for later.
Want to use LookNook yourself? Here’s how it works:
1. Explore: LookNooks expert designers have curated hundreds of ‘ready to purchase’ design boards for you to explore. You can search by “look” (style) or “nook” (room).
2. Discover your style: As you come across things you like, you can add them to your wishlist.
3. Buy a LookList: Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, buy the looklist for the look you love the most. You get all the shopping instructions and product resources that cost a minimum of $1,500 when using a traditional designer.
4. Let LookNook help you to make it yours: Their designers are readily available via phone or email. Get help in chosing the right size or color. This one-on-one individual help is offered at no additional fee. What’s more is that if you purchase items through LookNook’s design team, you can receive their discounted rates. They’ll oversee the entire order. I’m telling you, these guys are genius.
5. Sit back and relax: The LookNook design team is fast at work while you wait for the items to arrive on your doorstep. Enjoy knowing you’re getting the expertise of a professional designer at a mere fraction of the traditional cost.
Today is your lucky day. LookNook is offering the opportunity for one winner to work one-on-one with one of their amazing interior designers to create a custom design board for one room in your home (Actual Retail Price $199). This giveaway is open to US residents only.
Entering is easy. You can enter any of the following ways, but please leave a seperate comment for each entry to increase your chances of winning. The winner will be announced here in two weeks and will be contacted via email, so make sure your email address is valid.
Here’s how to enter:
1. Visit LookNook and tell me which design board is your favorite
2. Follow LookNook on Facebook
3. Follow The Stork & The Beanstalk on Facebook
4. Follow The Stork & The Beanstalk on Bloglovin’
5. Follow The Stork & The Beanstalk on Instagram and/or Pinterest
Good luck!
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A Sponsored Giveaway, from Little Flourishes

Today we have a special giveaway from Little Flourishes. Little Flourishes is run by Olivia Merideth who has been around the design world for years and it shows in her beautifully designed high-quality wraps and blankets. Based in Australia, Little Flourishes designs are all of native flora or birds and designed to not be gender specific so that that they would be suitable for boys or girls. I was so pleased when Olivia sent me the Black Neck Stork blanket. It’s so well made; thick enough to throw on the ground at the park, soft enough to cuddle with on the sofa. 
Little Flourishes is offering one lucky winner a small feather blanket and feather wrap (pictured below). There’s more than one way to enter. Please leave a separate comment for each entry to increase your chances of winning. The winner will be announced here in two weeks and will be contacted via email, so make sure the email you’re using is valid. This giveaway is open worldwide (wahoo!).
Here’s how to enter:
1. Visit Little Flourishes and tell me what your favorite design is.
2. Share this giveaway on facebook and leave a link in your comment entry.
3. Share this giveaway on twitter and leave a link in your comment entry.
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Interested in making a purchase? Use coupon code StorkFreeShip for free shipping!
Live in Tokyo? Little Flourishes will have a stand at the Playtime Expo in Tokyo on the 26-29th of August. 

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A Sponsored Giveaway, from Little Sweet Pea, Inc. {CLOSED}

Today, we have a special giveaway from etsy shop Little Sweet Pea, Inc. Little Sweet Pea is a trendy boutique offering unique and adorable baby items ~ infant car seat canopies, diaper covers/bloomers, nursing covers, diaper and wipe clutches and fabric flower rosette headbands, pins and hair clips. Enter today to win a $25 gift card and help support the handmade community… and what a beautiful community it is. I mean, seriously, there are so many talented mamas out there. Becca, the Mama behind Little Sweet Pea, is no exception.
You can enter any of the following ways. Please leave a separate comment for each entry to increase your chance of winning. As usual, the winner will be chosen in two weeks (on 7/25/13) using and will be announced here on Friday, July 26th. An email will also be sent, so make sure you email address is valid. This giveaway is open to US + Canada residents only. 
-Visit Little Sweet Pea‘s etsy shop and an item to your favorites. Tell me what item you chose.
-Follow Little Sweet Pea on Facebook.
-Follow The Stork & The Beanstalk on Facebook
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Interested in making a purchase? Becca has been kind enough to offer free shipping with coupon code StorkFreeShip, valid until July 31st. Happy shopping and thank you for supporting my sponsors.

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Van @ 11 months

Growth & Appearance: You hair is getting lighter and I’m wondering now if you too will be blond. The hair in the back of your head is significantly lighter than the hair at the top of your head, though it all seems to be in transition.
You’re wearing size four diapers and I’ve been meaning to go into the garage and get the next size up in clothing because I think it’s a little overdue. You’ll be wearing 18 month clothing as soon as I can get my shiznet together.
Your right leg is almost always black from dragging it around when you crawl.
You have four teeth on top and four on the bottom. We just started brushing them, which is more than we could have said for your brother… we waited until the doc pointed out that they were yellow before we started brushing his (hash tag: first time parents). You’ve started grinding your teeth, something I learned to be associated with teething. For you, teething also includes weird diarrhea, extreme fussiness, clinginess, and decreased appetite.
Your hair is all over the place in that it’s several different lengths. We have yet to cut or trim it and due to the the patches of hair you lost as a newborn, the hair in back is longer than the hair in front and it’s all just kind of wonky looking. Eating:You like drinking water from a sippy cup. You can drink out of a straw. You can hold your own bottle. You also like the idea of using utensils, but your coordination is, um, not quite there yet. You did, howver, grab a piece of food, place it on the spoon, and bring the spoon to your mouth… but I’d be lying if I said the bite actually made it to your mouth. In any event, you want to be just like us… in every aspect of daily life. You’re in such a rush to grow up.
You have more of a preference; you know what foods you like by simply looking at them. If you prefer something that’s on my plate over what’s on yours, you communicate that very clearly via whining. In general, however, you still like just about anything we put in front of you; it’s just that you love somethings and simply like other things.
Foods you love: bread, peas, avocado sandwiches, chicken, pasta, strawberries, cheerios… Who am I kidding… You love everything.
You’re still breastfeeding 8 times a day, but it’s getting harder to squeeze all those feedings in between naps and meals. I’m worried that if I start the weaning process that my milk will suddenly disappear completely and I’d really like to make it to a year, and perhaps then some. So I try to squeeze in all 8 feedings.
You went through a period of time where you were totally distracted while feeding. It has since gone away, but I spent that period only feeding you in your room with the light off and the door closed. It’s difficult to breastfeed you when we’re out and about or in the car because you’re much more interested in what’s going on around you. It’s hard, some days, to spend much time away from the house because I know there will be missed feedings. Part of me can’t wait to be done with breastfeeding so I can let it all go, but another part of me knows I’ll miss it and wonders if this could be the last time…
You also went through a period of biting me. Hard. I yelled at you quite a few times and it has since stopped. That made me want to throw in the towel. When you’re older, I’ll be sure to return the favor. For the record, nothing has made me want to throw you across the room more than when you bit my nipple. You’re lucky I worry about holes in the wall.
Not quite as bad as biting, but still annoying is your obsession with tweaking the nipple you don’t

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have in your mouth. Even if I have a shirt on, you seem to wiggle your little hand in there. Before you even latch on, you’re hand is searching for that free nipple to tweak. Sadly, I’ve gotten used to it. When you’re in a more aggressive mood, I have to find something to cover myself with that you can’t get through because it hurts too bad. Sleeping:When you wake up in the morning, with your tired eyes, I think you look most like me. There have been numerous days this past month that I have actually woken you up. Sounds crazy, I know, but our breastfeeding schedule gets all out of whack if we get started too late and we all know what a lunatic I am about breastfeeding. I’m eager to be done to celebrate the days I wake up long before you do. With that said, most days you wake up between 7:30 and 8:30. I don’t let you sleep much later than 8:30, though some days you would.

You become a little nuzzler when you’re tired, burring your head in our laps or snuggling up with a warm load of laundry straight out of the dryer. You’re fairly adaptable when it comes to sleeping in different places and/or falling asleep anywhere.
Breastfeeding puts you to sleep most nights, but not every night. Either way, you don’t have any trouble putting yourself to sleep.
You’ve learned how to turn your white noise maker off. We keep it in your crib and most mornings it’s either turned off or unplugged. If it’s the latter, this means you’ve reached your little arm out and around your crib and pulled the plug out of the outlet. What a little skeezer you are.
Talking: I’m not quite sure starting this “talking” category is justified quite yet… but… you’ve made your first attempt at saying your first word, “hello”. When we give you the phone, you hold it to your ear, look at us and say, “high-yah”… But in all honesty it sounds more like a high squeal that ressembles “hello”. What I’m trying to say is it’s not quite a word, more like a sound, but it’s clear what you are trying to say. So, “hello” is your first attempt at a word. And we’ll leave it at that.
Also, you wave when people say “hello” and when people say “goodbye”. And we’re both fairly certain you’re trying to say “car”.Development: People describe you as “mellow”. I agree to some extent. You definitely make it known when you’re not happy or when something gets taken away from you, but the majority of the time you’re cool, calm, and collected.
You still bear crawl, up on all fours, when crawling on grass or dirt. The other day you bear crawled all the way under the car.
You can stand unassisted. The other day you pulled up on me and let go, distracted by something your brother was doing, for about 10 seconds. Then you realized you were standing and plopped back down to your butt.
You can walk with a push toy all the way down the hallway. You g’pa swears he watched you take your first two steps, but you have yet to repeat.
You are rough n’ tumble, reckless, all systems go; the kid that will make me look 45 by the time I’m 35. You’re shaping up to be a climber, an explorer, a limit-pusher, a boundary ignorer.
You’re incredibly physical. When I lay you down to change your diaper, you kick. When I breastfeed, you bite. When I lift you up off the ground, you kick your legs. Each time you are around a baby smaller than yourself, you pounce. And by pounce I mean all that baby sees are your hands on their face.
You climb on and over everything. You do this thing we call the “sumo stance” where you climb onto something (yesterday it was a suitcase) and stay in the squat position like a frog. The other day I found you on top of a chair.
You’re starting to take to your Papa more and more. That time when you leaned toward me no matter how far away I was, is fading. It’s bittersweet.
You have a lot of pride and you wear it well.
You follow simple commands. You give us big wide open mouth slobbery kisses when we ask.
You love to laugh and are very ticklish.
You like to be chased, crawling away from me as fast as you can but stopping every so often to take a peak over your shoulder to be sure I’m still chasing you. This 11 month mark is the start of real personality and I’m loving every moment of it.
Favorites: You still love the remote controls. You also love phones, both real ones and toy ones. You play alongside the sofa with your brother, each of you moving cars from one place to another. In general, you love learning from Hooper and are quick to mimic anything and everything he does. You still love putting everything in your mouth. It’s hard to play outside with you because nothing is off limits… dog poop, rocks, dirt… you’ll try it all. You like to grab the mouse down from my computer and then find me to show off what you “found”.

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Sponsor Highlight

I have some wonderful sponsors as of late. Please help me in supporting my sponsors by showing them some love and support. Stop by, say hello. You can click on the photos below to be taken to their respective websites.
Want to read more about my decision to accept sponsors? Click here. Interested in sponsoring? Email me at ashley {at}








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A Sponsored Giveaway, from Sweet Threads {CLOSED}

This Friday is the first official day of summer and there’s no better way to kick off the start of a new season, perhaps the best of all seasons, than with a giveaway to Sweet Threads. If you’re a long time reader of this blog, you know Sweet Threads has been around for some time. I met Shella long ago at the Rose Bowl Flea market and we’ve become better and better friends ever since. You can read a previous interview with Shella here.
Today she is offering a $50 gift card to one lucky winner. You can use the gift card either online or at her new shop, which opens 4th of July weekend:
Live near Long Beach? Sling your littlest one over your shoulder and put the others in the wagon. It’s time for the grand opening launch of Sweet Threads: The Brick +Mortar local edition. Join us July 4th weekend.
Featuring a candy bar & desserts, discounts & swag packs, and – oh yeah – the latest in kiddo fashion.
The details: Saturday, July 6th // 11am to 5pm // 3301 E. 4th St. Long Beach, CA 90814 // Get 15% off your purchase (sale items not included) // Swag packs available to the first 50 customers // Don’t worry about the sugar, they’ve got your sweet tooth covered.
Don’t live local? Don’t fret my pet. You can still enter to win. The $50 gift card can be

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used online as well. Here’s some of my favorites from their online shop. In case you can’t tell, I’m totally swooning over the swimsuits for the little ladies… I mean… come. on.

one + two + three + four + five + six + seven
Are you like me and can’t decide between vintage and modern or like to mix and match? Again, don’t fret, they got all the bases covered. Sweet Threads carries the latest brands like Mini Rodini and Mini & Maximus as well as the sweetest vintage finds you could imagine. My kiddos have long been outfitted in Sweet Threads…
Onto the giveaway details:
This giveaway is open internationally (international shipping costs additional, however).
You can enter any of the following ways. Please leave a separate comment for each entry to increase your chance of winning. As usual, the winner will be chosen in two weeks using and will be announced here on Friday, July 5th. An email will also be sent, so make sure you email address is valid.
-Visit Sweet Threads online store and tell me what you would chose if you won the gift card
-Follow Sweet Threads on Facebook
-Follow Sweet Threads on Instagram
-Follow The Stork & The Beanstalk on Facebook
-Follow The Stork & The Beanstalk on Bloglovin’
-Follow The Stork & The Beanstalk on Instagram and/or Pinterest
Interested in making a purchase? Shella is kindly offering all Stork readers a 20% discount with coupon code STORK20. This coupon code is good for one month (expires 7/20/13).


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Guest Post: MINe Style Blog

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
I invited the ladies at MINe back for another guest post because, well, these girls’ know what’s up with kiddo fashion. Please pop on over to their blog to check out my tips for dressing the little men in your life. I asked them to share some of their picks for summer, so with no further adieu…
Hello everyone!
 We were so stoked that Ashley asked us back to blog here today.  The Stork and the Beanstalk is one of our favorite reads, so we love that we get to be a part of it today.
Summer is officially here, and today we are bringing you some of our “Summer Style Basics.”
Above are just a few essential pieces that you can add to your mini’s wardrobe this summer to help make sure they are kicking it in style this season.
Thank you again, Ashley, for having us back! Be sure to check out Ashley’s post over on the MINe Blog today too!!
{And while you’re there, check out the MINe shop. Their inventory is always changing and it’s always something fab. This week they have these awesome silhouette portraits for a killer deal.} 
Side Note: Since we’re on the topic of amazing fashion for the littles, please check back here on Wednesday for an amazing $50 gift card giveaway to Sweet Threads!
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A Guest Post: Cloth Diapers

It’s always nice to hear the opinions from other moms. We live in an overly-saturated age of information these days and what were once fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants decisions are now thought out and methodical. Helping weigh the pros and cons of cloth diapering is freelance writer and mama Sara.
Wondering if you should You Use Cloth Diapers? Here’s her take on the pros and cons:
Parenting decisions should be made privately but very few of them are. It can often feel that everybody has an opinion on something that is, frankly, none of their business. Breastfeeding is a great example of this. Never before have your boobs felt more like public domain than when you’re deciding whether or not to use them to feed another human. Another subject that is the center of controversy is diapers.
For a long time people who used cloth (or reusable) diapers were thought to be hippie weirdos. Disposables were the norm. This was largely because the cloth and reusable variety were incredibly old fashioned

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and using them meant taking the chance of accidentally stabbing your baby with a diaper pin. Over the last decade or so, though, cloth diapering has gotten much easier both for babies and for parents.

So! Should you use them or not?
Cloth Diaper Pro: They’re better for the environment. Disposable diapers make up more than three million tons of landfill—per year. Cloth, on the other hand, gets washed and reused over and over and over again. Sure that means lots of water and electricity, but it still creates less of a carbon footprint for your home and family.
Disposable Diaper Pro: You can find deals for diapers, which makes them affordable and convenient! When one is soiled, simply take it off, toss it and put on something clean. You don’t have to store something dirty (and likely horrendously smelly) for a car ride home until you can wash it. What’s more, now there are disposable diapers designed to help potty train kids (pull ups), to be taken into the pool (li’l swimmers), etc.
Cloth Diaper Con: They are often messier than the disposable diapers. Disposable diapers are designed to help quick mess away from a baby’s body (as much as possible anyway). With the cloth variety, it just sits there until you can change the diaper. Cleaning the diapers can often be gross. You have to deal with the mess in an up close and personal fashion…which nobody really enjoys.
Disposable Diaper Con: Disposables are filled with chemicals that, while safe, can really irritate your baby’s bottom. Some babies get rashes or other skin irritations from them. You might not want so many chemicals that close to your baby.
Cloth Diaper Pro: Save money! While hiring a service to launder and fold your cloth diapers can be expensive, when you take care of the cleaning of the diapers and inserts yourself, using cloth can be much cheaper than using disposables (this is made even cheaper if you take advantage of sales or coupons).
Whether or not you choose cloth or disposables is up to you. Don’t let anybody bully you in either direction. You’re allowed to make the choices that work best for you, your family and your new baby.
Thank you, Sara, for stopping by to share your opinion. What has your experience with cloth vs. disposable diapers been like?
You can read my opinions on cloth diapering by clicking here.

A Sponsored Giveaway

Today we have an awesome giveaway from the lovely ladies over at Urban Baby Bonnets, aka UB2. I love working with other mamas, and the ladies behind UB2 are as sweet as they come. I love that they are passionate about their product and I love that their products are all handmade.
I wish my boys would wear hats. We live in Southern California and you better believe we spend much of our summers at the beach. I’m that mom that’s combing sunscreen through her kids’ hair to keep their little noggins from getting burnt. We own one ridiculous tiger sun visor that Hooper agrees to keeping on his head. Well, some of the time at least.
When the kind ladies over at Urban Baby Bonnets offered to send me a bonnet to review, I kindly declined. Truthfully, I didn’t want the responsibility of making it work for the sake of this post. I knew that bonnet would be thrown off their little hot heads in no time. But I reconsidered when I discovered they have snaps. It’s almost as if these bonnets were designed by moms. Oh wait, they are.
You can read more about the company and the product here.
So the initial response looked like this:
Then he discovered it was snapped on:
And then a few minutes passed and this toddler forgot about that bonnet:
The bonnets come in a wide range of sizes, but I found that the medium (12-24 months) fit both of my boys well despite the nearly two year age gap. That’s always a win in my book. 
The bonnets are reversible, have multiple snaps to allow for proper fitting, and have a large brim to shade the whole face from the sun. The bonnets also work well with breastfeeding and car seats/strollers. There’s loads of fabrics to chose from (I love this one, this one, and this one).
Think the buck stops at bonnets? It doesn’t. UB2 also sells bloomers, onesies, mittens, accessories, and dresses.

In fact, the bloomers are my favorite. I mean, seriously? Too cute.
UB2 is offering one lucky winner a $36 credit to their store. This giveaway is open internationally and there are numerous ways to enter. Please leave a separate comment for each entry to increase your chances of winning. The winner will be chosen via and announced here in two weeks.
-Visit Urban Baby Bonnets and tell me what you would purchase with the $36 credit.
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Remember to leave a separate comment for each entry. Best of luck and thank you for supporting my sponsors. Remember to check back here in two weeks to see if you won. Winner will also be contacted via email, so make sure your email address is valid.
Interested in making a purchase? Use code MAYFLOWER to receive free US shipping on all orders over $87 at checkout.

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Ten Things

This is my beautiful best friend. Ten things off the top of my head:
1. We went to high school together but were not friends. Then we roomed together in college and became inseparable.
2. We have babies that are seven days apart.
3. We’ve traveled to Singapore, Indonesia, Guatemala, Mexico, Thailand, India, Malta, Egypt, Morocco, and Belize together. We also drove from California to Louisiana and back. We ate a lot of eggs, which we kept unrefrigerated in the back of the car. We returned early when my nails started mysteriously falling off. Like seriously falling off. It was not related to the the unrefrigerated eggs.
4. We used to go to a hole in the wall Indian restaurant on a regular basis to drink tea. The man that worked there took a liking to us and would have our tea ready once he saw us getting out of the car. We also used to frequent dive bars throughout the valley. One bar offered to “hire” us to hang out there to draw men in. We declined. It was weird.
5. We burned a tire on the beach in Mexico because we were freezing. It made for a big, warm flame but the smell was horrid and I have a feeling it was not good for the environment.
6. Dan Eldon was, at one time, our hero. He’s still pretty up there in my book.
7. There was a period of time I wasn’t dating anyone and Janet I spent so much time together that my dad thought we might be lesbians. He’ll say this was a joke if you ask him about it today, but my mom will confirm that, indeed, he was serious. It’s good to know he loved me all the same.
8. There was a time that we lived together, worked together at a coffee shop, and took the same classes together. And yet the only fight we’ve ever had was on a 24 hour bus ride in India. I couldn’t even tell you what it was about.
9. We went shopping in a huge market in Singapore separately and came out donning the same exact bracelet.
10. And, oh ya, she’s the designer behind this blog. She’s also helping me with something new I have in the works. You can check out a small portion of her work here. She has a blog as well, but despite my persistence, it’s private. I consider myself in the “in” crowd.

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A Trinket, A Tasket

My days of trinketing and tasketing are so limited these days. To drag the kids into a Salvation Army is more work than it’s worth. If we go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market, we have to arrange for someone to watch Hooper since it’s during his nap time and then we bring Van since he never strays too far away from my tits. What I’m trying to say is that thrifting, or even going to the grocery store for that matter, can be a production.
We went to the Rose Bowl last month anyway and even dragged Hoop along. He did well bypassing his nap, which is always a gamble. He started to lose his cool toward the end but by then our feet are hurting anyway and we’re usually looking for an excuse to skip a few rows. Here’s what we came away with: A. I’m in love with this sweater for the boys. I think it will look stellar with some black leggings and little moccasins + B. Lions and tigers and bears, Oh My! Hooper loves these little animal figurines. For a buck, how can I say no? We washed them when we got home, because, gross + C. Grateful Dead Record. I must have played this 4x yesterday. It makes doing the dishes and cleaning up discarded food that Van threw off the table and Sarah rejected more fun + D & E. That cute peter pan collared dress and adorable frog counting book came from the Sweet Threads booth. I can’t leave the Rose Bowl without buying something there, they always have the best kiddo stuff. The dress is for Carla + F. Holy fu$k, something for me?! My cheeks are blushing. It’s a little woven purse and I like it. I like it a lot.
Feel free to share a link to your recent thrifted finds. Always fun to see what treasures others find!

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Guest Post: From the ladies at MINe

How ’bout a little blog hoppin’ to get everyone over hump day. Dammit Sarah, get off my leg. I kid. Please pop on over to the MINe blog, I’m sharing a tour of Van’s room there today. I’m also guest posting over on Love Joleen, so you can find me over there today too. Take a peek under your bed and I might be there as well.
And taking over my blog today are the ladies from the MINe Style Blog. If you haven’t checked MINe out, then you’re missing out. These girls feature some of the best kiddo stuff. I love this DIY they put together for making your own family board book and I love these rompers they featured from Wolfechild. The buck doesn’t stop there, however. These ladies also have their own online store with rotating must-haves-at-great-prices merchandise. I was pretty to stoked to see these earrings for the big girls and by big girls I mean for the mamas and by mamas I mean for me; I’m kinda obsessed. I want. I need. Oh Willllllly…

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine
And here’s some of the fabulous leggings they currently have available in their online shop:

And thank you all who keep voting over on Top Baby Blogs. I’m in second place now, which puts the biggest smile on my face. Cheers!

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Why Don't You Just Blerg About It?

A Few blog-related things:
-Votes over on Top Baby Blogs have been reset. I finished this last quarter in fourth place. Much love for all the support thus far. If you vote daily, let me know; I’d love to say thank you in a more personal way… but not in a creepy reach out and touch you creepy way. (You can vote by clicking on the link, then on the brown box above the owl on the left, and that’s it, you’re done. Easy peasy).
-It’s been a long time coming, but you may notice the blog makeover that occurred a while back. Both of my page designs have been done by Janet Lurssen Design. She’s a master of her craft, the packaging queen, a design whore.
-Grab a button, share the love. Simply copy the code to ad my button to your site.
-I updated my Links.
-I added Bloglovin’ a while ago. If you use Bloglovin’ and want to follow me there, just click here. You can also follow along on instagram, facebook, or pinterest.
-Want to find out about sponsorship opportunities? Email me: ashley {at} thestorkandthebeanstalk {dot} com.
And, once again, thank you all for the continued support. Every time I read your comments, my heart is warmed. I enjoy this community so much and feel privileged to be able to share bits and pieces of our life with you.

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Spring clothing for the little tykes

boys will be boys // meow top (on sale) ++ skinnies ++ flannel
girls will be girls // jean jacket (on sale) ++ never grow up (on sale) ++ comfy pants (on sale)
Sweet Threads always has the best in vintage and designer kid clothes, but I was blown away when I saw how much they have on sale right now. It’s going fast and not all sizes are available, so get these great looks before they’re sold out.

one ++ two ++ three ++ four
Please welcome new sponsor, Urban Baby Bonnets. They specialize in bonnets but they also have loads of adorable dresses for the little ladies. Everything they sell is handmade.
one ++ two ++ three
Baby Provence has some of the cutest french inspired clothing for the littles. They also have a ton of stuff on sale for the little ladies.

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