An Anniversary



For our first date, he took me to a fancy Hawaiian fusion restaurant. We sat at the bar and ordered fancy drinks that only adults order; partly because we were both a bit nervous and awkward and partly because we wanted to own the title of adult all 20-somethings yearn to claim. We talked, we laughed, he drove me home afterward – to my parents house, where I was living at the time – you know, when you’re in-between here and there. I had just returned from life on the road with Janet and though my physical belongings sat in the room I grew up in, my spirit still felt fiery and restless. It’s the first time in life I felt complete ownership of and confidence in my self-awareness. It wasn’t lacking before, just still being molded.

He kissed me in the driveway, the oak tree hanging overhead. It sounds cliche to say I knew he was the one, but I knew he was the one. That night was only the beginning.
We have reservations tonight at a nice restaurant on the beach. A treat to one another. We laugh thinking back to that night, to that $100 dinner that was so out-of-form all those years back. And how I confided them the same confession that I confess tonight; that I’d be just as happy going to Denny’s.
Happy Anniversary to my one true love.

Portrait Series | July

San clemente family photographer-0276 San clemente family photographer-0325

A portrait of my family once a month in 2017

Willy: Filled the piñata with carrots causing Van to cry at his own birthday party.

Hooper: Asked me if the tooth fairy comes to the elderly when they lose their teeth. Also things ‘sea urchins’ are called ‘sea urgent’ and that ‘mohawks’ are called ‘mohogs’.

Van: Was about to eat strawberries in the fridge but brought them to me first to show me the ‘ice’ on them. It was mold.

Sonny: Pooped on the floor in the sunroom while walking around naked after coming home from the beach. And found it funny.

Me: Celebrated another year around the sun.

Jimmie: Took Willy’s spot in bed one night while Willy was away and got sucker punched for snoring, me forgetting there was a dog next to me and not a punchable human that I love so dearly. Though to be fair, I probably would’ve sucker punched him all the same.