Sonny @ 7 Months

Growth & Appearance: You have a full head of hair that’s somewhere between blond and brown. You have way more hair than I remember either of your brothers having. Your eyes are no longer blue but aren’t quite brown either.

You’re long and despite ‘falling’ in the weight percentile, you have plenty to pinch.

You’re rockin’ the helmet and we’re noticing improvement. You don’t mind your helmet one bit and you wear it 23 hours per day. It’s made for some interesting hair-dos as your hair has learned to grow up and over it, making for an ocean wave appearance when we take the helmet off.

You’re in size 3 diapers.san-clemente-family-photographer-8676

Sleeping: We still put you in the wombie overnight but you’re outgrowing it in the developmental sense; meaning you’re squirming around enough that the thing ends up backwards on you by the time the sun is up. You’re also able to roll onto your belly and I think it’s time to give you the freedom to move about freely.

You sleep through the night most every night, with the middle-of-night wakings being a once a week or so occurrence. On average you go to sleep around 8:30pm, I wake you before I go to bed around 10pm to top you off, and you wake up around 7am. You nap around 10:30 for 2 hours or so. You tend to nod off in the late afternoon but never for very long and sometimes just during your feeding at that time; it’s far from an official ‘afternoon nap’.

You’re still in a crib in our room but now that you’re more consistently sleeping through the night, I think we’ll put you in the boys room soon enough.san-clemente-family-photographer-8233
Eating: You’re blowin’ and goin’ on solids. You have yet to find a food you haven’t devoured. You’ve had carrots, zucchini, broccoli, peas, banana, avocado, yogurt, pear, sweet potato, chicken, corn.

You love food. We often get distracted while feeding you because of everything and everyone else that needs our attention, causing you to flail about and whine until we pick up the loaded spoon and deliver the tasty morsels into your mouth. It’s a joy to feed you based solely on the fact of how happy it makes you.

We feed you with a spoon but let you practice your pincer grasp on your own, which you haven’t quite mastered. When you make a total mess of yourself, I bring you and the highchair outside and literally hose you both down.

We feed you solids twice a day, once after your second morning feed and again at dinner, when we’re all eating together.

You still breastfeed every few hours for an average, I’d guess, of 8 feedings per day.san-clemente-family-photographer-8690

Development: Within a weeks time you pushed from belly to a sitting position, then were able to scoot back but not forward, and then – just like that – you were crawling. The day after you started crawling you pulled yourself up in your crib. You crawl with ease now and have pulled to stand on a few different things.

You laugh a lot and are easily entertained.

You tend to reach for things with your four fingers and pressed together and your thumb tucked in, as if making a tight number four. Occasionally your pointer finger will bend in and it looks like you’re making an alligator shadow puppet.

You’re happy going from person to person but can’t stand watching me repeatedly come and go into a room and will ultimately cry for me. You also do the craziest squeal when you see me come home from work or from running errands.

You open and close your fingers into and out of a fist when you’re excited; it’s like you’re trying to catch excitement but haven’t quite realized that feelings aren’t tangible.

We use the playpen, which we didn’t use for either of your brothers other than for sleeping accommodations when traveling. That’s because there are so many legos and small toys everywhere and keeping you safe is nearly impossible. And so, we box you in. You don’t mind it. In fact, in the late afternoon you’ll lay down in there for a cat nap and it’s always nice to see you drift off to another land in a well lit room, with all the chaos surrounding you.san-clemente-family-photographer-8227
Favorites: With crawling, you are now able to reach beyond what we simply set in front of you. That said, you have a new found affinity for Jimmie’s dog bones and gross, dirt stained, stuffed toys.

Van @ 7 Months

Growth & Appearance: You hair is lightening up, just as your brothers did, and I suspect it will officially be blond in a few months time. Your eyes are transitioning to brown. You have a chubby belly and chunky little legs that I can’t help but squeeze. You face is round and your eyebrows and eyelashes are still hardly visible. You are exceptionally long and fit into 9 month 12 month pajamas as a result. You are in onesies your brother wore after he had already started walking. You wear size 3 diapers (which are almost too small) and size 9-12 month clothing.
We moved you into the bigger car seat this month. For the record, your brother didn’t make the move until he was over a year. Just saying, for the record.
No teeth yet.
Development: Not only are you ticklish, but you also find all the ridiculous faces and noises we make at you funny. You now have a sense of humor, which means you’re officially part of the family. Your arms never stop reaching and your eyes never stop tracking. Your grandma and grandpa call you “Boris” because they imagine you growing up to be a girthy guy that lifts weights. I can’t say I disagree. You’re strong and sturdy and you hold on to things like a magnet holds on to metal.
We left you both with a babysitter for the first time this past month. You cried the whole time.
You’ll be crawling soon enough. Currently you like to reach out to the side when you’re sitting, which ultimately lands you on your belly and frustrated. In general, you’re frustrated by your limitations.
You haven’t quite mastered the pincer grasp, but you able to get small items (like peas) into your mouth. You appear to be right handed.
You rock back and forth when music is on. Every time.
You’ve started waving, or at least imitating our wave.
You’re fine with others holding you until you spot me. Once you spot me, you throw your body in my direction and whine until the person holding you starts to feel uncomfortable. You prefer me over anyone else and are rather vocal about your preference.
You’re able to help us get you out of your car seat by reaching your arms out. This sounds rather minuscule, but I’m sure all the other mamas out there know how difficult it is to get a floppy infant in and out of a seat. In any event, thanks for helping out. 
Eating: I thought you’d be like a well oiled machine when it came to eating. It started so promising. I gave you green beans and you looked as though you were in heaven. Given the fact that I gag on green beans, I thought we were off to a pretty stellar start. Then you spit carrots and sweet potato out and currently I’m not sure if you’re more into the food or the spoon it’s on. Each time I try to put the spoon in your mouth, you grab for the spoon and don’t appear so interested in the food. I suppose I’ll let you lead the way and, truth be told, I’d rather keep you on as much of a breastfed diet as possible anyway.
Things you’ve tried and liked: squash, peas, green beans, blackberries, sweet potato, pieces of the wool rug.
Things you’ve tried and not liked: carrots, sweet potato, broccoli.
Breastfeeding has been boarder line abusive. I’ve almost considered throwing in the towel. It’s like Chinese torture to feed you. Your hand is constantly smacking me in my face or pulling my hair. Your tiny little death grip of a hand pinches the backside of my arm. And I wasn’t kidding when I said last month that your grip could kill a small mouse. In fact, I think it could kill a large rat. You also like to bite down on my nipple and jerk your head away. I’ve had to hand you off to your Papa from time to time out of frustration. Other times I simply feed you while starring straight up at the ceiling to avoid being slapped around, as that’s the one that ruffles my feathers the most.
I breastfeed you on demand, which ends up being 9 to 10x/ day. Not all of these feedings are of great quality, some are just quick snacks. I’m still donating milk, but in a lesser quantity than before.
Sleeping: You have an official routine. And, as luck would have it, it coincides with your brother’s routine. I may not have won in the food category, but I think I take home the trophy for the best sleepers in town. This is not to say I’m not exhausted on most days and that I don’t complain on the days I do have to get up during the night. On comparison to other babies, however, I think you’re both pretty stellar. I’m hoping you continue to follow in the long-nap-footsteps set before you.
We quit the swaddle cold turkey, mostly because you outgrew it and the velco was shot. We had ordered another one but had to send it back because you were too long for that one as well. We’ve also given you full range of your crib by removing your sleep positioner. You seem to stay on your back nonetheless, but wiggle around to different areas of the crib.
Here’s your schedule: I breastfeed you around 9pm. You drift off to sleep when you’re done eating and I put you in your crib for the night around 10pm. Some nights you wake up at 3am and want to eat, other nights you wake up briefly but drift back to sleep. The last few nights you’ve gotten up at 12am. It’s really a crap shoot as of late. You’re typically up for the day between 7 or 8am, depending if you had a middle of the night feeding. You nap around 11 or 12 for a couple of hours (fingers crossed) in the afternoon. You’re ready for another nap come 5pm and usually drift off to sleep as I feed you around this time, but more times than not, as soon as I put you down to nap, you scream. So the afternoon nap is hit or miss. 
Favorites: You love the toy guitar, which is a recipe for a fight because it’s one of Hooper’s favorites too. You love pushing the buttons and rock back and forth when the music plays. But your favorite, hands down, is your mama. You’re not a happy camper when I’m in the room and you’re not in my arms. You also love to bounce in your jumper. You’re actually able to jump, with both feet pushing off the floor. You’re bouncing right now and giggling while you do it. You also love sitting alongside your brother while he plays with his toys and, oh yes,  you love the remote controls. I’m quite sure if you had to chose two things to have for the rest of your life, it’d be me and the remotes.

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