Style de Van

I picked up this souvenir t-shirt when we were in Palm Springs. I love it. I bought one for Hoop too and even a much larger one for when they’re bigger. I would pair this outfit with these but, truth be told, I don’t invest in shoes until they’re actually walking. He’s lucky if he gets some socks thrown on those little feet. The leggings are from Old Navy (girls section, but whatevs), and for 8 bucks, they’re a steal. Click To Vote For Us @ Top Baby Blogs Directory!

Long Lost Friends

There were summers in high school where it felt like I lived at the beach. I’d drive down nearly everyday in my 1982 Turbo Diesel Mercedes with the moon roof open and Tom Petty blaring through the speakers. We’d bask in the sun, with no care in the world, checkin’ out the boys, eating french fries, and gossiping about this and that. Then there was a lull in my beach combing days when I lived in San Francisco for 5 years and traded the sun for the fog. When I moved back I was in school and my relationship with the sand and sea continued to suffer.
Now I’m a mom and it’s important to me that Hooper get out and about. I’ll do everything in my power to steer him away from the video-playing-couch-potato phenomena that seems to have sucked up much of the youth today. So, I turn back to the sand and sea and it’s like our relationship always was: sweet, peaceful, and warm. I could watch him run those little fingers through the sand all day long.


Friend Kim and baby Emerson joined us. Isn’t this little girl just as sweet as can be? Beautiful mom, beautiful daughter.