Bits + Pieces

Some pics from the zoo a few weeks ago. Hooper really liked that duck until it nibbled his fingers // We found a flea on Sarah and gave her a good flea bath followed by a homemade mixture of lemon and rosemary. So far, so good. And please note the similarities between Sarah and the goat pictured above her  // You scream, I scream, Hooper screams for ice cream. And can you blame him? Nothing beats Baskin Robbins. And yes, Hooper still directs us via pulling. And yes, Willy’s still working on his tattoos. I swear he’s going to run out of skin soon // Hooper’s new room is coming together. I have plans to switch him over next week. Dun dun dun // Willy’s bringing his mustache back. This means random packages will be coming to the door with various waxes to curl the ends with //  Hooper touching the plant after waving his hands over it and proclaiming, “nooooo”. He knows he’s not allowed, the little guy just can’t help himself // Hooper in his vintage Zips. Man, I wish he’d never grow out of these. I want a pair for myself // A day at the beach. I hope to squeeze in many of these in the next few weeks // A few photos from Hooper’s 18 month appointment, where I learned he has yellow teeth and likes band-aids // Our friend Lisa gave birth to a beautiful little boy on Mother’s Day. Talk about the perfect gift, right? He’s small in stature, but as alert and as wiggly as can be. It was a pleasure to meet him and photograph him this week. Talking with Lisa and watching as she held her little peanut in her arms made me feel capable and excited for our own addition that seems just around the corner at this point. Thank you Lisa for making Motherhood look so lovely, your boys are beautiful.
Happy Friday!