Lucca Valentine for Paush

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I met Shella, from Sweet Threads, and Tori, from Sitting in a Tree, down at Moose’s Ice Cream shop in San Diego to shoot their Lucca Valentine for Paush line. It was a blast. And if you have a little girl, you should check out their vintage-inspired line. It’s adorable.
Inspired by Tori’s daughter’s, Lucca Valentine, and her wardrobe and style, the limited edition line is a collection of timeless silhouettes, frothy fabrics, and playful prints. It really doesn’t get any cuter.
The first release of styles perfect for Valentine’s Day, will be Saturday, February, 7th 9am PST (online) and 11am PST (in-store). 
Interested in hiring me for a similar shoot? Email me:

Introducing, The Bee & The Fox

Willy and I have frequent conversations about life, our jobs, our passions and how each of these interacts with one another. Sometimes working for the man takes a toll. We both have had times throughout our careers where we’ve wondered if we chose the right path and have been enticed by what another path may offer. I think this is only normal. I felt complete when I started my photography business and I love doing it in conjunction with my career in nursing because they both offer me different things that I need and want out of life. Seeing how much joy having a creative outlet has brought me led to a discussion with Willy on doing things, outside of our careers, that enables us to use another part our brain and allows us to get our hands dirty. Work that doesn’t feel like work, if you will. And with that, The Bee & The Fox was born. It’s a collaborative effort between the two of us (and Janet, who has put together some wonderful designs for us) and it has come together beautifully in both theory and reality. It’s the first project we’ve worked on together, aside from raising our boys, and having something that we can share excitement and pride in has been so fulfilling. It’s also nice to work for ourselves and have creating be primary and income be secondary (because we have careers already, this is something we want to do and that sure helps in the stress department).  
So with no further adieu, we present: The Bee & The Fox; primarily a collection of handmade shelves and children’s t-shirts as well as and a few things we couldn’t say no to over the years that need a good home. It’s been a long time in the making and something that feels great to check off that long term to-do list.  
We would love for you to take a peek.

A Sponsored Giveaway

Today we have an awesome giveaway from Sugarboo Designs. I was familiar with Sugarboo Designs prior to them contacting me, but did not know they had a kids line of t-shirts. That’s because they didn’t, they’re brand spankin’ new and super cool. I’ve always been a fan of their prints and I love their jute plant hangers. Today they are offering one lucky reader a t-shirt (winner can pick design and size). 
I chose the “It’s a wonderful life” and “lucky duck” shirts. The shirts are printed on American Apparel tee’s, so remember to size up. Hooper is wearing a size 6 and Van is in a size 4 and both have plenty of room to grow. Here are my favorite designs:
This giveaway is open to US residents only (sorry) and there are numerous ways to enter. Please leave a separate comment for each entry to increase your chances of winning. The winner will be chosen via and announced here in two weeks.
-Visit Sugarboo Designs and tell me what design you would choose.
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Remember to leave a separate comment for each entry. Best of luck and thank you for supporting my sponsors. Remember to check back here in two weeks to see if you won. Winner will also be contacted via email, so make sure your email address is valid.
There is still time to enter the giveaway to Urban Baby Bonnets too. Click here to enter. 

Ladida Kids

Rebecca, from La-di-da, was kind enough to send us these matching trunks and rash guards just in time for our trip to Hawaii. They are fantastically made and super cute. I had not heard of Ladida prior to Rebecca contacting me, but was so pleasantly surprised with all of their cute inventory. Here’s some of my top picks: these cut-off shorts, these adorable sandals, and this screw-little-girls-I-wish-it-were-in-my-size embroidered chambray dress. I asked Rebecca if she’d be kind enough to offer a discount for anyone interested in making a purchase. She was kind enough to oblige. Use promo code STORK30 to receive 30% off plus free shipping when you spend over $49.  
Many thanks to Rebecca and to Ladida Kids.

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Style de Van

I picked up this souvenir t-shirt when we were in Palm Springs. I love it. I bought one for Hoop too and even a much larger one for when they’re bigger. I would pair this outfit with these but, truth be told, I don’t invest in shoes until they’re actually walking. He’s lucky if he gets some socks thrown on those little feet. The leggings are from Old Navy (girls section, but whatevs), and for 8 bucks, they’re a steal. Click To Vote For Us @ Top Baby Blogs Directory!

Style de Hooper

I was wondering when the neon-goodness from the 80’s would make a return and I think it’s damn near time. This tank from Hello Apparel is all kinds of comfy (printed on an American Apparel tank). I bought Hooper the size 4. Hello Apparel is currently having a crazy sale and everything’s going fast. The leggings are from Mason and the Tambourine, which is quickly becoming my new favorite. These leggings are so soft and stretchy. I bought Hooper a size 3. I’m hoping they last a while cuz I’m not ready to put

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them on the shelf anytime soon. You can find Converse here.

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Style de Hooper

There’s no better way to celebrate the 4th of July than to dress up in patriotic gear. With that said, here’s a red, white, and blue edition of Style de Hooper. Happy Birthday, America.
























































Vintage shirt: Flea market find
Vintage shorts: From etsy seller littlereadervintage and man have they gotten worn a lot. The elastic waistband has allowed Hooper to wear these for what feels like eons. Total score.
High-top Converse: Thrifted
Get the look: Try this shirt, or this shirt, or this shirt, or this shirt. Try these shorts, or these shorts, or these shorts, or these shorts, or these shorts. You can buy high-top Converse here.
Wishing everyone a safe and happy 4th of July!
As a side note, I want to thank everyone for the responses to Hooper’s birth story. I received a lot of verbal and written encouragement and ya’ll reminded me that I am capable and strong. Thank you too for those of you who shared your own stories. They left me inspired. 

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Style de Hooper
















































I told you this Hershey’s shirt is one of my new favorites! And to think I found it under a large pile of clothing and paid only $3 bucks for it! These shorts have been featured in a prior Style de Hooper post and were purchased on Ebay. The shoes are Vans and let me tell you, slip-ons are where it’s at!

Style de Hooper


























































































I bought this little vintage outfit on Ebay so long ago that I cannot even find any record of it. It’s from the 70’s and it came with tags still attached. Total score! One of my favorites. I’ve been waiting for Hooper to grow into this number. And, of course, his new Vans. Gotta love em’.
Sidenote: Thank you to everyone for their kind words in response to my last post. Sarah is practically back to normal. If that dog didn’t have bad luck, she’d have no luck at all but boy does she bounce back fast. I’m back at work today, crossing my fingers that my body can handle it and that I’m not a complaining mess of a pregnant woman by the end of my 12 hour shift.


Style de Hooper

I had another post planned today that I will share later because Hooper is being featured on one of my favorite blogs, Modern Kiddo and it is the cutest post ever. Sure, I’m totally biased, but I do want to extend a warm thank you to Dottie and Alix for the love. So instead, I’ll throw a little Style de Hooper your way. You can click here to view Hooper on Modern Kiddo. 
These posts are honestly some of the hardest. Trying to get Hooper to stand still is almost impossible. I think he’s starting to understand to the concept, as every now and again he’ll stand so deliberately against the wall… for two seconds. Literally two seconds. And I usually have the camera down by my side because I’m pleading with my eyes to get him to stand there. By the time he listens and I get the camera up to eye level, he’s on the move. See the picture above? There you see him…
…and now you don’t.
Sitting nicely…
…and now preparing for his escape.
Steamboat Overalls: from Etsy seller Lishyloo
Undershirt: Gerber plain white
Shoes: Saucony hand-me-downs

Style de Hooper

I’m in trouble if this next little bun in the oven is a girl, because my online shopping carts are full with the cutest little frilly things. In the meantime, I’ll spoil my little boy with the cutest vintage finds. Here’s what my recent shopping spree bought him. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I buy more for him than I do for myself. Welcome to motherhood, right?












































































Included was this sweet little note from Jen @ Olivers Forest

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