Smoothies & Resqueeze

resqueezeWhen Hooper was a baby, I was all about the purees. It’d give me great pleasure to see what I could get away with in terms of sneaking vegetables and other healthy foods into his purees. Willy and I giggle now when reminiscing about my salmon and strawberry concoction. Poor kid.
I eventually gave up on the purees and succumbed to doing all sorts of the ridiculous tricks parents do to try to get their kids to eat vegetables. And overtime, I’ve simply accepted the fact that the only vegetables my kids will eat are corn, peas, and carrots. Van is a slightly more adventurous, but not by much in the veggie department.
I hate veggies, so it’s hard for me to bitch about how my kids eat. I started making myself smoothies recently which consist of the same ingredients every time: vanilla yogurt, lots of spinach, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, ground flax seed, and chia seeds.
That’s when it dawned on me that I can reintroduce purees as smoothies. And so, I did.
There have been more hits than misses, though it’s still frustrating when one day they eat the entire thing and then the next they don’t touch it at all. The other issue, for us, was finding a proper way to serve it. A simple cup proved messy and a cup with a straw required me to water it down to make it smooth enough to flow through the straw.
Both boys love the applesauce and puree mixtures that come in the squeeze pouches, so when Resqueeze reached out to me I was so thankful that someone has come up with a solution. 338A5404-8
Things we love about Resqueeze:
-the pouches are dishwater safe
-they come in two sizes (the larger is perfect for my kids)
-my kids like them
-the clear fill line allows you to see how much you’re pouring in
-the bottom ziplock closure is super durable
Resqueeze has been kind enough to offer a 4-pack to one lucky winner. Entering is as easy as doing any of the following and leaving an extra entry for each to increase your chance of winning:
-Visit Resqueeze’s recipe page and tell me which recipe you would like to try
-Follow Resqueeze on Facebook
-Follow Resqueeze on Instagram
Please remember to leave a separate comment for each entry. Good luck. 338A5419-14