Sonny @ 5 Months

Growth & Appearance: Your hair is still getting lighter and your eyes, darker. You’re following the same track as your brothers.

You’ll be fitted for a helmet sometime this month to correct the flat spot on the side of your head that resulted from those early days of preferring to sleep with your head only turned to your left. We’re told you’ll have to wear it for 7-10 weeks and we’re all prepared to poke a little fun and move on.

You love to spit and eat your clothes. If you have clothes on, they are soaked after just a few minutes.

I think you caught a slight cold from Van and have been doing this scrunch face and overly exaggerated breath through your nose in an effort, it seems, to get a booger out.

You belong in size 3 diapers but so-the-story-goes I just opened the box of size 2. I’ve been peed on a few times trying desperately to get the size 2 to work. We’ll end up donating them, just as we did the size 1 that we tried to fit you into longer than we should have.

You’re in size 6-12 onesies though really we rarely put you in anything other than a diaper. Overalls, though, are you’re favorite as you like to get the metal latching in your mouth whichever way you can. San Clemente Family Photographer-5641

Sleeping: I’ve finally moved back into my own bed. You sleep next to the bed, in a pack-n-play until we move (if we ever move) and then you will go in your crib. You don’t seem to even notice a change, which is how we expected it to go given your easy going nature.

Since making the transition out of bed and into the pack-n-play, you are now sleeping to the other side of me and, just like that, you now only sleep with your head to the right. Always in the direction of your food, I suppose. In any event, it’s helped significantly with the flat spot on your head, though the flat spot is still there.

We still straight jacket you in your wombie but have added something that prevents you from rolling onto your belly because it’s near impossible to put you down on your back without you rolling onto your belly these days.

We’re trying to get more consistent about putting you down for a formal nap each day. Come about 2pm you’re usually asleep in the pack-n-play for an hour or two. You nap in the morning on-the-go but never seem to get any significant stretch.

Breastfeeding still puts you to sleep. I feed you before I go to bed, around 10pm, and you’ve been waking up sometime in the 5 o’clock hour for another feeding before going back to sleep again. You’re usually awoken by your brothers who come running into the room just after they wake up. San Clemente Family Photographer-5647

Eating: The doc said we can start giving you some rice cereal at your 4 month check up but we have not done so yet. Baby-led weaning really worked well for Van and I think we’re excited to go that route again.

You’ve entered the distracted eating phase and will not latch on until you’ve arched back every which way and fully assessed everything around you.

You love my phone so more-times-than-not I get you to latch by holding my phone to my chest, which grabs your attention and settles you enough to latch while you try to grab the phone.

You take a bottle with ease and can gulp down a number of ounces in under a minute.

If I had to guess, I’d say I feed you about 8 times a day. You’re super efficient at the breast and don’t take more than a few minutes on each side. San Clemente Family Photographer-5714
Development: You’ve found your hands and you love them. We catch you starring at them, mesmerized, often. Your thumb finds your mouth with much improved precision and you suck it often.

You can grab hold of things with better coordination. Where as before you liked to grab hold of a blanket, you’re now able to grab onto things that require more precision, like a  rattle.

You can roll and scoot yourself all over the place and if left unindented for even just a few minutes, it’s surprising to see where / how you end up. The amount of ground you can cover by just wiggling around on your belly is impressive.

You respond quickly to your name.

You grab at everything and suck on anything. You’re entertained by being on the floor with a few toys around you to grab at and suck on. San Clemente Family Photographer-5681