338A0291-1 338A0298-3 338A0301-4 338A0305-5 338A0350-20 338A0315-7 338A0317-8 338A0325-10 338A0329-11 338A0339-15 338A0348-19 338A0371-24 338A0386-31 338A0382-29 338A0394-32 338A0414-39 338A0417-41I’ve come to learn that evenings spent with Tara are evenings where time is well spent. She radiates beauty and there is so much love in her relationship with her kiddos. When connections are felt so immediately and so deeply, I trust them and feel gratitude wash over me. Feeling grateful for this one. And my boys are pretty head over heels with the “big kids”. Some sweet connections going on right there. Now who wants to watch said children so that Tara and I can have an adult beverage together?

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