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I’ve opted to push off all my travel sessions until next year, much to my own dismay. I think we all have a knack for putting more on our plates than we can consume. My back and neck nearly started screaming at even the notion of me traveling anywhere, on my own, with all my gear and a baby in tow. I figure next year, when Sonny doesn’t require feedings every couple of hours, will be better. Thank you to all who reached out, I think I’ve sent each and everyone of you personal emails but if I missed someone, my apologies. Please keep an eye out next spring or summer, when I hope to give it all another go. And if you’re local to Southern California and looking to have your family photographed, by all means, shoot me an email: ashleyjennett @

Travel Dates | Photography Sessions

travel-sessions-3-webSan Francisco | August 11 – 16

Seattle/PNW | September 8 – 13

New York | October 5 – 11


One hour in-home shooting

There will be one slot for a one hour on location (outdoor) session per day (first come, first serve)

Price includes all edited high resolution images with print release (approximately 100 images)



A Family Session, with The Gibsons

Southern California Photographer-2 Southern California Photographer-8 Southern California Photographer-15 Southern California Photographer-19 Southern California Photographer-21 Southern California Photographer-23 Southern California Photographer-28 Southern California Photographer-31 Southern California Photographer-33 Southern California Photographer-34 Southern California Photographer-41 Southern California Photographer-51 Southern California Photographer-56 Southern California Photographer-65 Southern California Photographer-74 Southern California Photographer-86 Southern California Photographer-90 Southern California Photographer-95 Southern California Photographer-107 Southern California Photographer-109 Southern California Photographer-114 Southern California Photographer-115 Southern California Photographer-122 Southern California Photographer-124 Southern California Photographer-125 Southern California Photographer-126Perhaps one of the things that I love about photographing families, namely young families, is the same thing that I suppose drives some nuts; the fact that you cannot direct a 15 month old child. I try to help the parents build realistic expectations in terms of what they can expect from a shoot of this nature. Surely, things are never going to go alongside any sort of plan. And that’s just what I love. I love that children get to have such a role in what is shot and how it’s shot and when true defeat sets in and everyone relaxes, magic is always made. It’s hard to see, I think, as a parent when you’re in the moment and trying to constantly rein your little one in. But it’s always my hope that when I return the images to my clients that they remember my words and that they realize having any sort of expectation was ridiculous because magic moments are embedded even in the worst chaos.

That’s not to say this shoot was chaotic. Not for me, at least. Though Kelly and Roger may tell you otherwise. I captured this family, in their home and alongside the Columbia River in Vancouver, Washington.
Interested in booking a session? You can visit my website for more information, or email me: ashleyjennett @ I’ll be in Northern California October 19-22 and have just a few slots left.

A Family Session, with The Hillman Family

Southern California Photographer-54 Southern California Photographer-4 Southern California Photographer-23 Southern California Photographer-21 Southern California Photographer-3 Southern California Photographer-27 Southern California Photographer-33 Southern California Photographer-30 Southern California Photographer-41 Southern California Photographer-42 Southern California Photographer-45
Southern California Photographer-68 Southern California Photographer-53 Southern California Photographer-54 Southern California Photographer-48 Southern California Photographer-62 Southern California Photographer-75 Southern California Photographer-78 Southern California Photographer-81 Southern California Photographer-89 Southern California Photographer-93 Southern California Photographer-83 Southern California Photographer-99
I photographed The Hillman Family in their hometown of Portland, Oregon during my recent time spent up in the Pacific Northwest. They invited me into their beautiful 1940’s home nestled in a quiet neighborhood in the hills looking down on the city. We spent sometime inside before venturing to their backyard, which is something Aaron build himself and surprised Amy with on her birthday years ago. You better believe I came home telling Willy all about this new bar that has been set. Little Josie picked what was left of the blueberries, chased the cat, and picked some flowers for each of us. Her little curls as sweet as her smile. We finished the shoot at a park up the hill from their home.

I’d love to open myself up for more travel sessions. If you’re in the US and interested in having me out to your area, shoot me an email. It’s been such a pleasure traveling and meeting new families. And in case you missed it, I’ll be in the Northern California region October 18-21 and am looking to book a few shoots while there.