Desert or Bust

Janet signed up for Designer Vaca back in the beginning of the year and I assured her I would go – for moral support, ya know – when the time came. The time came and it also happened to be her birthday, so it was nice to celebrate together. The boys tagged along and we joked about how no matter when we get together, there’s some conglomerate of kids around – be it hers or mine or some mix of the both (all of hers stayed back in Utah this time around). The event was held at the Ace, so the boys and I hung out by the pool while Janet attended conferences n’ whatnot. And I’ll tell ya what, Palm Springs with two boys is a lot easier than Palm Springs with two boys and a dog. Just sayin’. And the weather has finally cooled just a bit, the high 90’s being a welcomed retreat from the triple digits. Looking forward to more trips to the desert now that the weather has cooled. Who wants to watch Jimmie? Ha.
And as a side note, what do you do with kids once they’re too big for the pack-n-plays? Hoop is far too big to be sleeping in one of those and despite his insistence on doing so when we travel, it just ain’t gonna work much longer. Even as is he looks like a drunken man who fell asleep while leaning on a wall and kinda haphazardly slid down the wall into a hunched over sitting position. It’s horrible. I’m considering a blow up mattress or just getting a room with two beds. What do y’all do?

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6 Responses

  • Love the “cracked pots for the rest of ya’ll” sign. Ha. Great pictures, as always. Hooper is getting so big. Love his sneaks. And I love how Van always seems to be missing one shoe.

  • Awesome photo of your reflections in the store window. I’ve been wondering about a travel bed for our soon-to-be 3 year old, as well. He has been too big for the pack and play for some time. The last couple times we traveled we made him a bed on the floor with blankets and his napmat (like a sleeping bag with a pillow but doesn’t zip up). He did well but ends up under the bed or in the closet, so we blocked him in with pillows. I’ve been considering a blow up mattress or there are toddler size cots available on Amazon.

    ps- can you tell me your secret to getting the blue sky in the shot? I can’t seem to get it right. Probably it’s already too dark out when I am trying to take the photos. Still amateur hour over here, but starting to get in the swing of things. Or I was before the last month of rain we have had. Plus, we decided to put our house up for sale and make an offer on a new home before we got an offer on this one, can you say stressed…

    I love how well you capture light in all your photos. They are fantastic. You capture moments and your booys personalities perfectly.

    • What happens to your sky when you shoot? Is it too dark or blown out? You can email me, if you wish. Not sure how good of a teacher I am though.

    • That has never worked for us. Especially on vacations. More power to ya if it works for you, I wish it were an easy for solution for us.


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